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2K, or Res as everyone else calls him, lives near the City with Mi Mi. He's her caretaker.


Res looks like a mess, to be honest. His hair is tar black, his skin is paper white, and his eyes are a weird neon green color. He's also pretty tall. He also doesn't have a right hand, instead it's just a mess of metal sticks. Oh yeah, and there are spider legs coming out of his back where wings were supposed to be. Like previously mentioned, he looks like a mess.


For his personality he's pretty laid back, but can be annoying at times as well as arrogant. But that only happens when he's trying to impress Mi Mi, usually he's humble. He tends to be easy-going and, in his opinion, funny. Sometimes he also gets into this mood where all he wants to do is say puns and he gets really annoying. He also has a creative streak that a lot of people don't expect and actually knows a ton about art and music.

Abilities & Powers

He isn't magically gifted or anything like that, but he does have some powers. He has pretty good balance and is great at parkour. He can also shatter a person's face if he punches them hard enough. Not to mention the huge spider legs that can impale people...sometimes by accident...


He's Mi Mi's caretaker as well as very close friend. He protects her from all sorts of people that want her dead either because of jealousy or because they're simply crazy. He also promised her brother he'd keep an eye on her. Speaking of her brother, Res absolutely hates him because he's a deadbeat.


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