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Reyn is a young girl about 9 years in age, with blue hair and green eyes. She also has a small white streak in her hair. She resembles Ryule in many ways.


She is very quiet and reserved, partially because she is shy and partially because she doesn't like to get in other people's way. Because of her accent and lack of knowledge when it comes to English she is very reluctant to speak to strangers and other kids her age. But she is very considerate and pays close attention to the needs of others.


Powers & Abilities

Reyn used to be made of pure shadow, but Lotus removed that ability so now she's simply human. She doesn't fight because of her young age.


Reyn is Ryule's younger sister and grew up with him and Lotus when they were very young before Lotus snapped. Reyn was a weak darkness channeler, but after Lotus got into her experiment obsession she decided to see if she could make Reyn stronger and a possible heir. The effects were far from what she had wanted. Reyn became pure shadow and couldn't be near and light or else she risked dying. Ryule couldn't stand to see his little sister in so much pain and unhappiness so during the night he attempted to runaway with her. They were successful for only a short period of time.

Then one day Ryule came back to find his sister gone and all the shades drawn letting in bright sunlight. Lotus hadn't killed Reyn though, she had simply faked it so she could watch Ryule fall into despair. She also did psychological experiments for a while and this was considered one of them. Then, after a twist of events one day Noemi rescued Reyn without realizing who she was and the two were reunited. Reyn had been living with an older woman who took the role of her grandma and protected her after Reyn got her body back (again due to Lotus' experiments). Now Reyn is living happily with her brother and her nieces and nephews.


Ryule is her brother. Uriah, Aliska, Nixie, Seyzmon, and Sadao are like her siblings.



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