River is Ollie and Brook's only daughter and one of the few children on Indigo Fire that isn't Noemi's.


River's most noticeable quality is her purple afro. She loves taking care of her hair and keeps it as poofy as possible. She is darker skinned and has soft, dark brown eyes. River wears iconic, colorful clothes like her father and usually has music-themed accessories like musical note earrings and microphone necklaces. Her favorite charm bracelet also has many music-related charms.


River has been having a rough childhood so far, being that her mother writes lemons for a living and ignores her for the most part and her father is a pervert. Ollie doesn't take care of her and Brook is usually too busy for her, so she is usually cared for by the rest of the crew. River tries to keep an optimistic attitude, but there are times when she feels very lonely.

Abilities & Powers

River is a very good singer and inherited much musical talent from her father. She is a spectacular singer and a siren. She is learning violin and electric violin, as well as various other instruments. Otherwise, she does well in school and does not fight since she is still a child. River is still learning, and she has a long way to go before she will pursue her career in music, but she continues to work hard towards her goal until then.



River is Ollie and Brook's daughter. She is closest to her cousins, mainly Purrggh's pirate crew. She looks to Fawn as a mother figure since Ollie does not care for her properly.



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