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Roronoa Zoro

Zoro was once known as a great and honorable swordsman who is currently a patient at the Diamond District Correctional Rehabilitation Center.


Zoro is a rather tall man with natural moss green hair. His name means "fox" in Japanese. He used to wear various clothes; most commonly found in a white short-sleeved shirt, dark green pants and boots, a green sash around his waist called a haramaki, and a dark green bandanna tied around his left bicep (If it's not on his head during a very intense battle). He had four golden earrings in his left ear and one large black one as well. Sometimes he would wear a long green or red samurai coat with his outfit. Zoro has a large scar stretching from the top of his left shoulder to his right hip that he acquired in a battle with Dracule "Hawkeye" Mihawk, the previous world's greatest swordsman.

These days, Zoro takes on a more rough and haphazard look. Dark circles under his eyes suggest that he does not get much sleep. His skin lacks the same color and shine that it used to. His dark green eyes seem dull of any emotion- Otherwise carrying a wild and violent glint. He was last seen less muscular and his hair seemed unruly and not taken care of. Overall, he looks more of a mere shell of the man he used to be.


Zoro's greatest dream was to become the world's greatest swordsman from a promise he made earlier in life, and eventually achieved the title. He also has two scars on his ankles from when he almost cut his feet off to get away from a villain (in the anime). Zoro has various other scars from is perilous and dangerous lifestyle. He isn't very good at sharing things, either. Zoro also has a lot of honor in battle and if his enemy doesn't have a weapon to fight with, he will give them one of his to make it a fair battle.

However, in DD after the first year of being engaged to Noemi, things went downhill for him. After developing a very severe drinking problem, Zoro became a raging alcoholic. A lot of personal problems with Noemi led him to drink more of his problems away instead of trying to fix them in a healthy way. He developed a very abusive nature towards his family, especially his then, to-be-wife. This lead to many terrible events with the family that are explained in the background section.

Abilities & Powers

Zoro practices santoryu, or three sword style. He also has super strength and is VERY strong. Zoro is almost like a ninja with fast-speed reflexes and mobility skills, but is strictly Bushido and does not claim to be a samurai or ninja.


As mentioned above, the once great samurai fell into a deep depression during his previous engagement which he drank away. This of course, only lead to his fiance's already unstable condition to worsen. For many months, the two were in a seemingly terrible relationship before Zoro sobered up for awhile and made what seemed to be the best decision at the time. Noemi had drifted farther from him and they had both fallen very much out of the love they once shared. Zoro swiftly broke off their engagement and moved into his parents' home above their two restaurants in Energy City.

The last of his dignity had been used to break himself away from his ex-fiance, believing that she would be better with someone else. While Noemi was angry that he had not consulted her at all and did not like how he assumed he could make the decision himself about their breakup- She agreed that it would be the best solution for the two of them. Zoro soon learned that the while choice had been a good one for Noemi, he crumbled with the loss of the woman he had had children with and planned to marry. Noemi was happy in a new relationship and was finally getting the treatment she deserved instead of facing his cruel fists every night after many beers.
Zoro 4
Zoro blamed it all on himself for making his life hell and for ruining the marriage that could have been. He began to regret what he did to Noemi and wanted her back, his psyche crumbling more and more. Zoro began his endless drinking again, and snapped one day when Noemi came to take their children home after a visit. He violently assaulted her and left her badly mangled. He was promptly taken to an asylum and was tried in court for his crimes, pleading guilty.

Recently, Zoro and three hit men assaulted Noemi again by tricking their children into letting him into the house after downing a bottle of nail polish remover he stole from his mother's cabinet. Now, he resides back in the mental institution he was put in nearly a year ago on high security watch. Another court date is set for him to be tried for his crimes; and this time he is eligible for the death penalty on multiple accounts of serious offenses.These offenses include rape, aggravated-attempted murder, domestic violence, child abuse, violent sexual assault, and many more. The once great swordsman has seemingly destroyed his life; not just with the alcohol he drank, but also with poor decisions and an already violent nature. Many view him as a despicable man who deserves to be put down for his vile crimes; but it is not known yet what fate awaits him.


Zoro is the father of many of Noemi's children. It is unknown whom he relates with now, but he and his family are far from close.


  • "If he dies, I'm gonna kill him."
  • "You wanna kill me? You couldn't even kill my boredom."
  • "It's that way!"
  • "I guess they got lost again, I better go find them."
  • "I heard the sound of a party getting started, so I came out!"
  • "Damn you curly brows/shitty cook/lovesick pervert/dartboard eyebrows!"
  • "When the world shoves you around, you just gotta stand up and shove back. It's not like somebody's gonna save you if you start babbling excuses."


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