Rowan is the quietest of The Cafeteers and mostly serves tables and cleans up after everyone is finished with their meal.


Rowan is a slender Asian girl with long dark hair and pale skin. She has dark brown eyes and usually wears her work uniform.


Rowan seldom ever speaks. She prefers to work in the background and doesn't like to get in anyone else's way. She is very calm and polite as well when she speaks to others. Even though she's been a part of the Cafeteers for a while now many people still don't know a lot about her. She's extremely mysterious in this sense and doesn't like to talk about herself at all. She is also a very hard worker and tries her best to make everyone else satisfied with the Cafe's service.


Several months ago Rowan applied for a job with the Cafeteers and was quickly given the job. She's quite mysterious and hasn't revealed much at all concerning her personal life, but it can be assumed she has seen a lot since the usual cafe antics never phase her.

Abilities and Powers

Rowan is human and has not fought. It's unknown if she even can fight.


She's on friendly terms with all of her co-workers and all of the cafe's patrons find her very pleasant.

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