Russe is a serious girl that the Dreyms took in.


Russe is a young girl with dark skin and large discoloured green and blue eyes. She's quite tall for her age and she has dark frizzy/curly hair.


Russe is very serious for a ten year old and is unphased by most things. She prefers to keep quiet and observe, gathering knowledge about people. She's very clever and sly, but she doesn't steal or sneak, unlike Em. But under that quiet exterior lies strength and toughness. She can be harsh if she needs to be.

Powers & Abilities

Russe doesn't fight and at the moment she has no recorded powers. But she can fight very well when it comes to verbal battles.



She was one of the girls that were kidnapped by the Garnet Blood Brothers and then saved by Noemi.


She tends to protect Ricca and Alissa. She is also surprisingly close to Zennith.


  • "What's in the past is in the past."


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