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Ryule has dark blue hair and bright green eyes. He has various scars running across his hands, arms, neck and even face. One scar runs across his eye leaving him partially blind.


Ryule can be sadistic and quite the maniac. He loves to torture others and prefers to do things with his own hands. However, he only acts like this when faced with those with skewed morals. He would never harm someone for no reason. He's very good with children and is a superb teacher. He also has a deep passion for math.



He has a high pain tolerance if that counts as a sort of power. Ryule can turn anything into a weapon. His arsenal can be anything from a bowie knife, to his gold fangs he uses for ripping out people's throats, to a simple rope, even a tissue or a strand of hair can be used to cause serious harm in his hands.


He has some very personal connection with Lotus but he won't elaborate. Drake is his designated test subject. Aaron is his husband.


  • "Well you see, I'm a magical dollar fairy cursed to forever create paper currency for Americans. And never in my entire life may I make coin currency." - Ryule 2015
  • "Yes, i'm in the Winx Club. I'm the fairy of murder and money."


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