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Sabien 2
Sabien is the only son of Salem Salone and Noemi Li Roux.


Sabien can mostly be classified as a very unique boy. He grew considerably fast due to his mother's genetics but strongly resembles his father. Sabien has long, black, spikey hair with a few raven feathers growing out of it and bright blue eyes. He has pale skin and large black raven wings that recently sprouted and grew rapidly. Mostly, he looks like his father did when he was younger.


Sabien is also known for having a big smile on his face and enjoys pretty much all music. He is still innocent and childish at heart, but also understands his position in society having a father in a famous band and a mother in various leaderly positions. He has stepped up to be a heir of Darkness Kingdom royalty and strives to learn about the kingdom and it's history and culture. Not to mention his love for music that has stayed with him since his parents introduced it to him before he could even talk. As a child, he was always soothed by singing or by the band playing their instruments and never seemed to be repelled from the noise of the louder guitars and drums. Sabien, like his father, is also interested into taking up music but is unsure of what he wants to do with it yet since he is young.

Abilities & Powers

Sabien is still a child so he doesn't fight, but he is a raven were and has magic that he is learning to use. He also has a passion for really any music and is interested in getting into it when he is older. For now, Sabien focuses on what he must do to become his uncle Kuro's heir and knows the position is important since not many of his siblings want to step up. He leans towards wanting to help bring the kingdom back and helping his mother take some weight off of her shoulders managing her kingdoms, country, armies, crew, and other children. As much as he does though, Sabien still takes time to act his age and tries to be himself as much as possible.



Sabien is close to his father, Salem, and his uncles, Kuro and Andrew. Mostly he stays around the band and the other children but everyone likes him since he's nice to pretty much all the people he meets and has an innocent heart.



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