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One of Noemi's daughters, the first of Noemi's third litter and healer, apprenticed to Kyoya.


Saki is a tall girl for her age and has straight, long purple-black hair that reaches the backs of her knees. Saki has onyx-colored eyes and she is quite skinny. She wears delicate glasses for reading and keeps them in prime condition. She copies Kyoya, her teacher and carries around a small black notebook to store information. Saki is quite pale and looks almost nothing like her father, Zoro.


In turn her attitude is cool and quiet, also like Kyoya, and can be very cold-hearted from time to time. People often wonder why the girl doesn't act like her father, but it seems she just embraces her intelligent side very much. She has a no-nonsense attitude for a child and is very obedient.

Powers & Abilities

Saki is a healer and has unbelievable intelligence for her young age, but she cannot fight and does not have very good physical strength. She doesn't need to know how to fight though-being that the War is over and she is, after all, a child. During the War, however, she did learn to heal quite fast and did assist Kyoya in dealing with the crews' injuries and illnesses when they came back from battles. Saki knew she had learn fast to help the crew win the war and she also assisted military doctors in healing rebel soldiers. These days, she goes to school at Diamond Hall Academy and also likes to go to Tokoro's hospital to watch Kyoya work. Saki plans on becoming a full-fledged doctor and healer when she grows up, and also knows a great deal about medicine.



Saki is one of Noemi and Zoro's daughters and Kyoya's apprentice. She is close with her half-sister Kyoko and the other healers and doctors on the Indigo Fire crew.



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