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Salem is the co-singer for Noemi's band, Pure Infinity Insanity, a guitar teacher in Garnet, and has part-time jobs at Hot Topic and Goth Spirit.


Salem has big, light blue, ice-colored eyes and spikey, raven-colored hair. He has extremely pale skin and is also quite skinny. He has a variety of piercings as well. He wears a lot of punk makeup and lays black eyeliner on thick. Sometimes people mistake him for a girl because of his big eyes and the amount of makeup he wears, but Salem doesn't really let this get to him. He wears Gothic accessories like classic skull earrings and a matching necklace, and a spiked choker. He sticks strictly to emo and goth fashion, and is seen year round in black denim.


Salem has a pretty laid back attitude and doesn't think too deeply into things. He has a moody personality though, most of the time he keeps his casual attitude but other times he suddenly gets emotional and is believed to be somewhat bi-polar. Likewise, Salem is friendly and will always smile at people. He is dedicated to his music and thinks of the band like the good family he never had.

Abilities & Powers

Salem is a spectacular musician. He plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and keyboard. Salem is also a very good singer and does screamo as well as punk and rock style songs with a bit of rap mixed in. Salem is human and doesn't have any supernatural or magical powers, but his musical talent is quite exceptional. He is also pretty smart, despite dropping out of high school.


He lives his life for music and having a good time and dropped out of a private school in Diamond to pursue music. His parents disowned him after this, and Salem was off on his own living the starving-artist lifestyle. Lotus experimented on him briefly, but tossed him aside after his genes wouldn't allow her to turn him into a full were. Salem met good friends in the Infinity though, and helped them escape before all but one were tracked down and killed. After that, Salem and his close friend Andrew wandered the streets playing gigs and avoiding Lotus until they ran into Noemi years later at one of her lowest points and brought her home.


Salem is very close to Andrew, and they have an on and off relationship. Overall, they get along well but cannot decide if they are lovers or friends. Salem thinks of the other members of Pure Infinity Insanity as family, and had a brief affair with Noemi at one point. They had a son together named Sabien.



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