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Samarium, also known as Ari, is the leader of The Unexplainable Anomalies.


Ari is roughly 16 years old and is quite short for her age. She has a thin frame and isn't very strong. She has shoulder-length, strawberry-blonde hair, long bangs that tend to fall into her eyes, glasses, and wide, golden-colored eyes. She usually wears a large pink sweater that was handed down to her by her mother along with low-key casual clothing.


Ari is semi-sheepish and socially awkward. She isn't very good at talking to total strangers, and tends to trip over her words even with people she knows. She is also easily intimidated and when it comes to flight or fight she usually chooses flight. She is also very curious and is into the supernatural and things of that nature. Ari also has a nurturing side and tries to be as helpful as possible when her friends or crew members need something.


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Ari isn't skilled when it comes to fighting and is psychically very weak. It's rumored that she has a special power of some sort, but no one is really sure what it is. She can also see the auras of people around her and she can see a spirit-like wolfman named Malo.


Io is Ari's childhood friend and Passion is her best friend from the school she attends. Her father is Gallium Lake and another man named Pierrot is also like a fatherly figure to her.


  • "Heyyy"
  • "Don't poke me!"
  • "Welp that happened."
  • "In the words of Mirai Kuriyama "That is unpleasant!""


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