The Night of October 31

We didn't go to the party. Instead we left to go back to the Seam. I didn't want to say goodbye to Dreyus so we all just left before she noticed. Everything's pretty okay at home, I'm surprised nothing burned down.

More to Come,


Night of November 29

call me a bitch, a crybaby, an attention seeker, for only writing in my log when people die, I really dont care...i just need to say this

I'm a crappy leader.

Most of my crew is dead.

I dont want revenge exactly...I just want closure and I cant find it


Also I am so very very very happy to tell you all that the wonderful Sadao Horrace Mortiver is alive and well and he will continue to grace us all with his presence for many more years to come. He is just simply too precious and wonderful and I don't know if we could've continued living without him.

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