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Semmirra has dark hair that goes down to her waist and dark eyes that always have a hint of suspicion lurking in them.


She is a very skeptical no nonsense person. Many people have even called her emotionless. Though she prefers to always be in charge of a situation and tends to try to get her opponents on their knees to ensure it. She can be very cruel depending on the situation. Semmirra also has a strong sense of sarcasm which others find insulting.



Semmirra tends to use her bare fists in a fight and doesn't rely on weapons or powers.


Hound is her brother. SSG is her boyfriend.

Random Facts

Her last name is actually pronounced Lee-straan-jeh but everyone says it Leh-stran-j


  • "I'm not scheduled to give a fuck today."
  • "You're joking, right?"
  • "Who do you think I am?"


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