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Seyzmon has dark messy blond hair and big blue eyes along with a large grin that he always seems to have on.


He has a large ego and plenty of self confidence. He's always trying to help out either his dads or his siblings in one way or another. Seyzmon can sometimes be very cocky and he thinks he's invincible. This is, his one big flaw. But other than that he's a very helpful kid. He's also extremely protective of his siblings and gets very defensive of them.


Seyzmon was put up for adoption when he was very young, so he doesn't know anything about his biological parents. He grew up at the same foster home as Aliska and Sadao and knew both of them prior to his adoption.


Seyzmon is human and doesn't have any powers or abilities. He is also very young so he doesn't know how to fight, but he does want to learn one day so he can defend his siblings.


He's Aaron and Ryule's son. Aliska, Nixie, Uriah, and Sadao are his siblings. Reyn is technically his aunt. He's close to Em.


  • "I can do it!"
  • "One day I'll be strong and important just like my dads!"
  • "Sadao stop being mean."
  • "For the thousandth time, no I don't want to be a cookie pirate because stealing is bad!"


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