He is a shape shifter but he prefers to be a boy version of Sibrel.


He is referred to as SSG for short. His real name is really hard to pronounce. (Only Aj and the deranged fan girls can say it) He can be very obnoxious and loud. He's helpful when needed, but that's very rarely. You almost never see him acting seriously. He also comes when "summoned" which is basically whenever you mention him. He also never sleeps.


He is a shape shifter, meaning he can transform into anything he desires whether it's living or non-living. This ability also makes the crew extremely paranoid when it comes to finding random objects.


He is Quick Silver's best friend, Kevin's rival, Aj's younger brother, and Semmirra's boyfriend. SSG is also in the "Bro Club" with other male members from Noemi's Crew and Sibrel's crew.


  • "I'm gonna go get some coffee."
  • "Really?..... Wow. What if that chair was me? You could have just broken off my leg, or my head, or something else...."


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