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Regan and T. J.'s shy adopted daughter.



Shen is 13 years old. She has bleach blonde hair and big blue eyes and is a little on the tall side.


Shen is a little shy but she is very sweet and is good friends with the other children on Noemi's crew. When she was rescued, the crew learned that her father died of lung cancer when she was eight and her mother was a Loyalist to the Lotus followers. Luckily, Noemi and her crew rescued Shen before she could be experimented on. Shen's mother died in the attack. Now Shen lives a new life with her fathers Regan and T.J. She has put her past behind her and lives in a normal and happy community with her family. She goes to school, which she does enjoy, and Shen also takes pride in being able to play a few sports. She is very determined, but often lets her sister take the spotlight. She has a habit of being responsible, and usually always has her priorities straight.

Abilities & Powers

Shen is a normal human girl but is quite smart and good at figuring things out. She excels in school and gets top grades. She also plays a few sports, including soccer and softball and dances as well. Shen is a very well-rounded girl and tries her best to make a good name for herself. Despite not having any powers, she has some impressive talent in athletics and academics for her age.



Shen is Regan and T.J.'s adopted daughter and Raccie's sister, but not by blood.



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