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The leader of the Unknowns. Known as D, Sibrel, Catharine, Olivia, Riki and the one who crashed into the Silver Skyscraper.

Appearance & Personality

At the moment she has dirty brown hair and amber eyes. She also has a gun tattoo that turns into an actual gun and human known as Sky. Due to current situations she has an automail left arm and left leg. She has an eye patch because when light is exposed to her left eye it's blinding and messes up her senses. She is quite hot-headed and quick to respond without thinking. She is usually not very helpful in situations both physically problems and mental and is quite insensitive. You can barely rely on her to get anything done. She'll either not be able to do it, or forget.


Sibrel mostly uses her gun, Sky; but she can also use throwing knives and twin pistols which she keeps close in combat. A very bad healer, still in training, and a dog were. She knows very little alchemy and can use it from time to time. She can also turn into different types of "K-9s" and some other powers but not all of them are known at the moment. If she takes off the eye patch,after a few minutes of a pounding head ache, blaring noise, and blinding light, she feels nothing physically and the longer the eyepatch is off, the less emotion she feels. It is useful when in the middle of an intense fight, but as soon as the eyepatch is back on all of the blows she would have taken in the fight come back to haunt her.



She is dating Kevin. Her only "blood" relatives are her brothers Hikaru and Kaoru, and her sister Sky. But she thinks of everyone on her crew as family.


Weapon of choice, gun.


  • "If I can't see it, it's probably fine."
  • "It makes sense if you don't think about it."
  • "I wish I could just punch autocorrect in the face."
  • "Because... Logic."
  • "I broke the timeline, I broke the studio, I broke the skyscrapper, I BREAK EVERYTHING!"
  • "Dream Boy's gonna become a dead boy."
  • "I will do it! I will do it! I will fight that monkey and I will win!"
  • "I don't die. I re-body."


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