Ok. We went looking for you guys, see if we can help. We got separated. I'm with Kev, SSG is with his brother, Dawn, Mary, Quicksilver, and Siri are in another group. I can't get in contact with Baily or her brother.


We found SSG and his brother, they are with us. SSB broke his legs and his brother is carrying him.


All i could remember was a game. with a short blond boy who's hair covered his face, a tall guy with a blue cone on his head with a light on the top, and a clown (i know it wasn't laughing jack, though) vs me, and two other people i can't remember. for some reason i keep drawing the other team. i couldn't remember anything except the game. Not my crew, my family, my friends, even my name. All i remember was the game. They tried to talk to me, but i couldn't hear a thing. Threw the whole thing something kept nagging me in the back of my mind and when i woke up i felt slightly dizzy.


I was looking through the book i draw the people in. i still couldn't remember anything. I saw 2 more faces other than the clown, young blond boy, and cone head's. one was of a guy with black, spiky hair, the other was a girl with long blond curly hair. for the first time i saw the people on my team for the game. i went back to looking through the book. I saw a note. It was rather long and basicaly said that my team is my enemies and my enimies are my team. at the top it said L=A. I thought i recinized it from somewere. then i looked along the lines. when i used L=A it said "and duck now" I ducked and a dagger nerly missed my head. the one who threw it was the black haired guy. he was charging at me.

I didn't do anything, i just sat there. i closed my eyes tightly and heard the sound of clashing metal. I causionly opened one eye. A cone hat laied on the ground in front of me. and a guy who looked exactly like the other one was blocking a dagger with his arm. But there was no blood. the only difference i could see between the two was that the one attacking me had a small scar on his cheek, and that the one who saved me had a smirk plastered on his face. "move brother, i'm ordered to kill her." the one who, obviously, tried to kill me said.

"sorry," the other one replied, "I'm ordered to protect her," some how i knew his name.

"Zack, what's goning on?" I asked, completly calm.

"Sorry, D. No time," he grabbed my arm, the short blond boy and the clown. then i noticed that it was actually a mask, and the clown was a girl.

"See ya!" Zack shouted as he jumped out the window, pulling us along with him. I screamd at the top of my lungs, we were on the 9th floor. Me and the blond landed on our feet and zack rolled. I tried to catch y breath, that scared the shit out of me.

"D, they are probably gonna be coming soon." the blond boy said.

"oh, ya. get Ann out of the bush and we can go." i replied. The clown girl landed in a bush, upside down.

Alfred, the blond boy, noded. "you are verybad at this." he told ann as he helped her out of the bush.

"It's not my fault i'm not a human cannon ball like Zack or part cat like you and D!" she complained.

Cat i thought great, just great! it just had to be cats I didn't know why i was so upst to hear this at the time, but i was. Apperently Zack could turn any part of his body into steel, Alfred and i are part cat, and Ann is just a master of discise.

"We shoud probably get moving." Alfred stated. We all nodded and started walking. We eventualy ended up in the town. As we were walking


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have a ferret that can turn into a girl named Lily, and the Hitachiin twins. I am a healer in training now. Apparently D made a contract with a demon that goes by the name Hellen. That's it. See ya!


We have the misters and weapons from Soul Eater.


We have Ed, Al, and Winry from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood.


We no longer have kid, lizzy, patty or anyone exept maka and soul. We might have lost hellen as well.


We don't have Maka or Soul any more. I pretty sure hellen's gone for good. I don't know if we still have the fullmetal and his group, i got separated from my crew.


I no longer have my left hand or left leg. It's replaced by an auto mail ones, tho. Curtesy of Winry and Zeek.


We are going to be out of the city for a while, if anyone needs us to come back, don't hesitate to ask.


Well, haven't updated in a long time. Some stuff happened. I hear my past live so I have five people constantly talking in my head. More like shouting or arguing. Yeah. Arguing with every move I make. "No! don't do that!" "You should pay attention more." "What are you doing?!" So annoying. Anyway, I also can turn into a giant hell hound, which makes me rot pretty damn easy. I was rotting away last night along with Kevin. Fine now, tho. Noemi helped us out. I got a lot of info from the annoying past lives. Well, some of them are usefull. Others like the prissy rich girl and the hell hound inumimi are givin me nothing. "What are some of your powers?" Silence. "Were did you live?" Shrug. "What's some of your backround?" Whistle. "Can you at least tell me your name?" "Nice weather we're having....." "YOU CAN'T SEE THE FUCKIN WEATHER!!!!" So yeah. That's about it.


Shutting up. Apparently certain lives do not know the meaning of the word. I can not sleep. I can not eat. I can not BREATHE without criticism. My head is pownding, and it will never stop.


I just wanted to say sorry. Sorry for being such a liability. All I was able to do was to mess everything up, I couldn't help at all. I don't want the cycle to repeat. So don't destroy yourselves, especially you, Noemi. Talk to everyone guys. Even if it's the littlest problem. We are about the only ones who can understand what's going on with each other or even come close to it. Don't keep everything in, it destroys people. I've seen it.


NEVER watch American Sniper. It's fucking horrible. Reminds me so much of other bad stuff. My parents made me watch it, a guy drills a hole through a kid's head with a power drill. So PG13.


fghjkljhygtreswdfghjkjhgfds. THIS IS HOW HE SPEAKS. sdfghjklkjuygtfrdefghjkjhg. THIS IS WHAT I HEAR. fghjklkjhgfdfghjkjhgfc. SPEAK FUCKING AMERICAN MAN!!!! Speak actual WORDS. Cause this, "fhjkreddfghjhgfds" is not words. That is fucking gibberish. Not words in any langue. You sound like a baby who is into the dark arts talking for the first time. Speak. Do you know how to speak? If you don't, take lessons. Cause I don't understand your evil infant chanting. I don't understand you. Ok? You understand? Anyway, almost died. Almost killed Kevin cause i am getting that bad. And shadow guy is a pain in my ass. We have Fluffy back. I now have six voices, one of them claiming to be Fluffy. I've officially lost it. That is all.


Haven't updated this in a while. I almost killed Kevin, again. This is what a great person i am. Let's just kill all i love again! Gain their trust then literally rip them apart! People should just fucking forget about me, safer that way. Oh, also have a throwing dagger to the rib cage. Also safe. My body is trying to slowly repare itself with the healing stuff. Not looking good. Great monster though, huh? Gets close to someone, earns their trust, does anything to rip them open and feel them die, even damage itself. Then it heals and repeats! Write that into a creepy pasta!


My memory is worth jack. I know nothing. Shouldn't bother recording data, i'll just screw it up.


Is stabbing you injured younger sister anyway to keep her from getting up so she doesn't get hurt? Didn't think so. Somebody inform Sky of this cause, i don't think she knows.




What can i do? If i stay, they are in danger. If i try to leave they find me. If i try the third option they get hurt. What can i do to keep them safe? Safe from me. All i do is hurt the innocent. I'm an evil trying so hard to be good. I want to help people. I was to be useful, or at least not a murder who slays the innocent with a ghastly grin, and sharpened teeth & claws dripping with blood. What can i do?


Sorry in advance if i act odd or a little creepy. Just ignore me. I haven't been right lately.


So we now know zack is imortal. We figured this out after the twins ripped him open in metal form after he crossed the line. Don't ask me how they did it with out super human strength, they just did.


If most of you is made of metal, are you really still considered human?



Looks something like this

Welp, got ambushed. Symbol carved into my back.


Also I am so very very very happy to tell you all that the wonderful Sadao Horrace Mortiver is alive and well and he will continue to grace us all with his presence for many more years to come. He is just simply too precious and wonderful and I don't know if we could've continued

living without him.


Got captured and my entire crew along with me, what i great leader i make! At least their all ok now. I blacked out so i don't know shit that happened afterwards.



It's more than just Peeps


These two girls are going to be the death of me.


Well, a lot happened that i know and a lot happened that i need to figure out. I woke up in a crader surrounded by snow. I had duck tape, and about 100 dollars with me. Oh, and my metal arm was also ripped off, so there goes my alchemy. I duck taped the metal together and to my stump after i bought warmer clothes and some supplies and a convenience store in the town close by. I met this really weird guy and he says he can help.... but there is no way i'm gonna trust him right now, sleep with one eye open.


Met new people. I am still stuck in this weird town, no one but the weird dude and his friends know what i'm talking about when i ask about the crews or Energy City. My arm is fixed now, I just hope I can get home soon.... At least i'm not sleeping on the streets anymore!


I am going to offend an albino one day. If I'm talking about "albino" it's this guy who won't tell me his effing name.



My friends are just always in need of a ride........


The only reason i'm editing this is cause I'M FINALLY AWAKE!!! YESH!

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