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One of Lotus's pony experiments who Noemi rescued and joined her crew.


Sizzle is half pony and half griffin. His main body color is blue, with brown as a side color. His front feet are

eagle feet and his back are pony legs. The tops of his knees are covered in brown feathers. Sizzle has four, large griffin wings that start blue and end in long brown feathers. His eyes are lion's, amber/yellow and he has a long unicorn horn peering out of his short, but messy blue, brown and golden mane. Sizzle has a few brown feathers on his forehead and a few poking out of his mane, but for the most part his mane is short and ruffled and tri-colored. Sizzle has a mostly brown but also blue eagle tail that sticks up when he is happy. He has a lion-like but mostly pony muzzle and his mouth is lined with sharp fangs. Sizzle is also adorned with scars from his time serving Lotus. His cutie-mark is a lightning bolt with brown feathers coming out of the end of it.


Despite his past, Sizzle is usually positive but does have an opposing emo side. Sizzle can change personalities quite fast and his emo side can also be somewhat violent and dark. Although this is true, Sizzle puts his heart and soul into The Singulis Kingdom and assists Princess Caliga with royal duties alongside Poison Umbra.

Abilities & Powers

Sizzle has lightning powers, along with the physical strength of the three powerful animals combined in him, lion, eagle, and pony. He is a general in the Singulis Kingdom and does a lot of the military work regarding Singulis armies. He also helps work with the Satus Beta united armies.



Sizzle is dating Umbra, another pony on Noemi's crew and is in good with most of the crew. He looks up to Zoro and respects him deeply. Sizzle is one of the generals in the Singulis Kingdom as well and assists Princess Caliga in royal and military duties, acting as an uncle to her.


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