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Snowflake, or Snowy as the crew calls her, is the Weather Keeper and attends the same school as Ari.


Snowflake has tanned skin and is on the tall side. She has long black hair which is straight and large golden colored eyes. She also has a scar going across the bridge of her nose.


Snowy is quite serious and isn't much for talking. She is also very calm and reserved. She is seen as very wise and is well respected by the rest of the crew. Usually people don't mess with her because her glare can make even the toughest guy back up a step. She's extremely interested in philosophy and other things of that nature and over all is a very down-to-earth sort of person.


Snowy can control the weather. This makes her sort of like an elemental, but a little more advanced. She can create thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, almost any sort of natural disaster imaginable. But, as mentioned before, she's very placid so the likelihood of her unleashing something out of rage is slim.


Snowy and Danae are close friends.



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