Somir is a Republican society, run by Emil Serras. He is basically a president, and was elected into office back in 2015. In Somir elections occur every five years. Elections are also based off the popular vote, unlike the United States of America which uses an electoral college.

There is also a separate election for Vice Presidents, which again is based on the popular vote. However it occurs a month before the presidential one so that candidates can attempt to structure their campaigns around the Vice-Elect’s agenda and opinions. Sometimes candidates will even drop out if they don’t agree with the Vice President-Elect. The current second in command for Somir is Lucia Correira.

There is also a congress which aids the President in decision making, as well as a senate that overseas deals. Often times the senate and congress will vote on certain small bills and laws, but any major decisions are voted on by the people. Overall, Somirian government is very voting-based.


Somirian culture is a mix of Western, Eastern and Dremirian. People in Somir often follow Western musicians, celebrities, and shows. They also have a special interest in the affairs of the Southern Republic since the country is so close by. Many Somirians even know French since their ancestors were from the Republic. The clothing styles on the island mimic Eastern fashion, which is somewhat formal. Certain Eastern cuisine is also popular. The Dremirian influence is much more noticeable. Many houses are structured in the blocky, apartment-looking style that Dremir is known for. Foods are also more based on fresh produce and herbs, which is a big export of Dremir’s. There is also a lot of Spanish influence on the country.

Technology is also a staggering part of Somir’s culture. Known as the Intellectual Capital of the World, much of Somir has a very sleek and efficient vibe to it. Libraries are a standard in every town, with some cities having as many as three or four. Science and math are highly important subjects in middle school and high school, with some children taking advanced physics and calculus by their junior year. However, the arts aren’t discouraged, they just aren’t pushed as much.

The racial culture of Somir isn’t highly varied. It’s mostly inhabited by humans, many of them being Caucasian or Hispanic. This is mostly due to the Southern Republic having once owned the island nation.


Somir is primarily marshes and hills, with ground that’s mostly infertile. A lot of the land is highly developed to accommodate that rapidly growing population. Some historically significant areas are protected from urban development. The land is also marked up by Muridium Ore mining, which is a substance used in teleporters and certain types of water trams.

Somir’s capital is located near the coast and is named Minerva. Minerva and the areas surrounding it are densely populated and most trading occurs there. There is also Dehvi which is a city located towards the center of the island. It’s home to the Transcendence College, which is a collection of the brightest minds in the country. Dehvi is highly developed and has some of the newest technology. Multiple corporations are also stationed here.

The War

The Flower Crown War was a trying time for Somir. Multiple times Lotus attempted to invade the country from the Southern Republic’s coast. Amirian presence was very high in the country during this time. She threatened to bomb Minerva as well, which prompted an evacuation of the city during the summer of 1999.

After months of relentless hassling Amir finally gathered its forces and confronted her. The naval battle lasted three days. On the third day the Kavik States sent reinforcements to aid the small country and finally Lotus decided the small island simply wasn’t worth the effort. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and Amir was put on the brink of debt.

Somir shut its ports to the West and focused on generating funds to help dig Amir out of debt. Meanwhile Dremir manufactured supplies to hand out to the civilians to keep them fed and able bodied in case another threat arose. The only other encounter with Lotus was a brief standoff in 2008 when she attempted to invade Xin Hito. Three Dremir shipping vessels were sunk.


Since there are mostly humans living in Somir magic isn’t very common. The laws regarding magic are quite lax and mostly common sense. However, Somir has dabbled in artificial magic, which is technology that can replicate certain spells and powers. It hasn’t been majorly expanded on due to worries of it later being weaponized and the general disinterest in magic that exists, mostly due to Eastern influence.

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