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Noemi and Zoro's third daughter with quite a positive attitude. Her full name is Starsky Mishi Roronoa.


Sprinkleface the cat likes to sit on Star's shoulder.


Star has pinkish red hair with two green ponytails in the front. Star is also a neko were. She has her father's green eyes with a little yellow mixed in and is found usually always smiling.


Star isn't as smart as her other siblings, but she doesn't seem to notice or care. Sometimes she walks into things unknowingly like walls, and she isn't very good at reading or math. She zones out a lot and absentmindedly draws a lot in her spare time. Star is a great fighter and a positive person on the crew. She is one of Purrggh's pirate crew and steals endless cookies from the jar like the other Cookie Pirates. Although she does make a lot of mischief, Star is very kind and caring. She is somewhat sensitive and always tries to make the crew happy. She talks a lot and often continues many conversations, much like her mother. Overall, she is a sweet girl despite growing up during the War.

Abilities & Powers

Star is a neko were and prefers kicking as her style of fighting but she also has basic light powers. She is still a child, so she doesn't fight much. During the War though, Star did fight with the other siblings in her litter if she had to. She was captured a few times, and helped break herself out. These days, she goes to a regular school with a few of her other siblings. Star likes learning, but she is always eager to get out of school to go play in the woods with the pirate crew and Riza and Lily.



Star is Noemi and Zoro's daughter but mostly everyone on the crew treats her like a sister or a daughter. Star sees Purrggh as her favorite sister. She is close to the other members of the Cookie Pirates, as well as Riza and Lily from Sibrel's Crew.



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