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Starr (Indigo Fire) 3

Starr on a normal day

Starr is a member of Indigo Fire and quite close to Noemi.

Starr (Indigo Fire)

Starr on special occasions


Starr is a neko with black hair and yellow-green eyes that change colors in the lighting. Her skin is tannish and quite fair. Her hair is also notably silky and she has cat ears and tail to match. She usually just wears casual clothes or stays in her cat form. Starr is small for her age and very lean. She has a lot of muscle in her legs though and does a lot of running around.


Before Starr joined the crew she didn't know much human and simply spoke in cat. She appeared mysteriously one day and it is believed that she might be Noemi's cat or a personified version of her. She can be quite sneaky and is always full of energy. She is skittish though and is wary of new people. Starr is also easily startled and sometimes sudden movements alarm her. She stays inside most of the day but does like to walk in the woods with Izzamer from time to time. Her favorite pastime is gazing out different windows in the building to look at the outside from different perspectives and is said to be one of the only people who has ever looked out every single window in the Indigo Fire Headquarters. Starr admires the outside, but doesn't like going out anywhere but the forest or the yard. Overall she is quiet and doesn't know much human, but she is sweet and loving towards the crew and spends time around the children. For the most part she acts a lot like Noemi's cat in reality.

Starr character 2

That's what she looks like when she's hiding in the shadows, only her eyes aren't red.

Abilities & Powers

Starr is a very powerful were and many assume she is Noemi's cat. She stays in her cat form for large portions of the day and likes to take naps. Noemi attempted to train her in fighting but Starr isn't the type. She doesn't go to school and everyone is still teaching her how to act in a basic human lifestyle. She is a very mysterious person and doesn't go outside unless it's in nature, but she is a sweet person for the crew to have around, even if she cannot talk very much.



Starr is like an older sister to Purrggh and she is fond of Akira and Noemi as well. For the most part she likes everyone on the crew and they feel the same.



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