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Sunny (Indigo Fire)


Sunny is a sweet, 7-year old girl Noemi took into her crew and is the first adopted child.


Sunny has golden-blonde and pink hair, sky-blue eyes and a soft voice. She has a light dusting of freckles on her face and a cute smile.


She was on the van with Purrggh, Noemi's daughter, when the child rapists (The Garnet Blood Brothers, killed by Noemi) had captured them and were taking them to the Seam. She was abandoned by her drunk, drug dealing father and made a bond with Purrggh so Noemi decided to add her to the crew. She has an outgoing and positive personality and she loves playing with the other children after school. Sunny does her schoolwork and is very intelligent. She is a bright girl who loves to learn and treasures the gift of education since she did not go to school at first due to her father keeping her home. Sunny got her name because she was still willing to go on after what she experienced and to this day does not look back on her life during the War before Noemi took her in.

Sunny 2

This looks like a more recent version of her now that she's grown out her hair and has a more girly style.

Abilities & Powers

Sunny has star powers and she is a neko. She is a child though, so she does not fight. Sunny goes to regular school with Purrggh and her other siblings, as well as Riza and Lily from Sibrel's crew. All of them hang out after school and do their homework together before going to play in Noemi's backyard and the woods. Sunny is a Cookie Pirate and has a tact for getting the adults to give her extra cookies.



Sunny looks to Noemi and Zoro as her parents even though she is an orphan and sees Purrggh as her older sister. Sunny also has a crush on Ender, one of Noemi and Zoro's sons.



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