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One of Noemi and Zoro's daughters from the fifth litter. Her name means angel in Japanese. She is one of the many children on Indigo Fire


Tenshi has long black hair that hangs like tar and grey eyes which turn gold when she is angry. Tenshi also has angel wings. She looks pretty much like Lotus did, but appearances are deceiving.


She is a very sweet girl and tries her best to prove she isn't like her grandmother. Tenshi doesn't like socializing with many people since they often retract from her. She is a sweet girl and once you get to know her she's a regular child. She has a somewhat low level of self-esteem because of this and often goes days without setting foot out of the house. She has been abused by normal city-goers because of her appearance and doesn't even like to play in the yard in fear of what could happen. Tenshi has also developed shyness and never speaks loudly or insults people. She never gets into arguments or intense situations and might even agree with someone to avoid conflict, even if she doesn't believe the idea is right deep down.

Abilities & Powers

Tenshi is an angel and has shadow powers. For the most part, she can't fight because she is still a young child and has not had much experience using her powers. During the war, she was a bit young to be fighting but did help during the downfall of Rose Daymare.Though this is true, she is studying magic and training with her shadow elemental powers and will eventually grow to be quite strong. Tenshi goes to the boarding school in Darkness, Hogwarts Elementary and stays close to her siblings and cousins.



She is very close to her mother and littermates, and stays strictly family-orientated. She doesn't have any friends outside Indigo Fire HQ. Tenshi has even recoiled from her family sightly, and tries to stay in the background as not to be in the spotlight. She now goes to Hogwarts Elementary Boarding school in the Ravenclaw house with her cousins Lusa and Ursalia, as well as her brother Tree.



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