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Even though Terri isn’t her real name, it’s the only name people actually know her by. Terri was an important figure in Daegon and The Seam and was responsible for shutting down multiple gangs and rapist organizations with her small crew before her untimely death.


Terri has white blond hair that is tinged red and the ends and dark brown eyes. She’s small for a girl her age but makes up for it with her flexibility and speed. She used to wear bright and comfortable clothing that she could easily run in.


Terri had a strong sense of justice and hated to see how the dimension was falling apart. She would do whatever she deemed morally right, even if it meant defying the government and putting her life at risk. She was also extremely chipper and could easily lift people’s moods with a simple smile. She had this sixth sense where she could easily tell if something was bothering someone and tried her best to help them feel better.


Terri was a Conscious for three entire years. She was one of Fox and Lux’s closest friends and aided Fox with much of his cleanup efforts. She also helped out in other areas and tried her best to make DD safer during the war. After the war ended she still continued to bust illegal organizations and during a raid on an Outskirts human trading ring she was killed. A few months later she came back from the dead in a sense, though she still is unsure of whether or not her current body was actually resurrected or if she now has a completely new life. She still looks very similar to how she did before, so it is mostly believed she was resurrected, but by whom is still unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Terri was human so she didn’t have any supernatural powers. She was very flexible though, and could fit into even the tightest of spaces. This made her a good scout and intelligence agent. She was also quite fast and would also act as a messenger on the battle field.


She is extremely close to Fox, Luxrianne and Jewel.


  • “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened!”
  • “Do you want to lay on the couch and eat Cheetos for an hour?”
  • “Fox is secretly a magic kawaii girl.”
  • “When you think your life is taking a dark turn just take out your flashlight and make things brighter.”
  • “Sometimes you think you’re all alone, but really you just aren’t focusing on the people standing right next to you.”
  • “If depression is an ocean then I am your life raft!”

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