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The Aother (pronounced Aye-therr) is a dimension located between Reality and Satus Beta. No humans exist in this dimension due to the strong protectant that surrounds it. If any humans were to try to enter the Aother they would instantly die. This goes for half humans as well as anyone who has some percentage of the species in their blood. It is unknown why the Aother has protected itself from humans of all things.

Government and Law

The Aother is ruled by one prime Monarchy, which is assisted by eight different Thrones. These Thrones are the Light, the Darkness, the Earth, the Fire, the Air, the Water, the Beast, and the Aolis. Each Throne has a main ruling family, much like the Monarchy, except that Thrones do not have even close to as much power as the Monarchy.

The Aother is a very lenient dimension when it comes to Law. Most things are acceptable except Unruly Murder and Reasonless Thievery. Unruly Murder is when someone kills without a good enough reason to support it. "Just because," or "It makes me feel good" are not substantial reasons and therefore if someone were to state this before a judge they would be proven guilty of Unruly Murder. Reasonless Thievery is when someone steals something they do not need or something they can very well afford. Both of these crimes are punishable by death.

Additional Information

The Aother is split into nine parts, called Sectors, each Sector looked over by a Throne and one Sector that is solely in the Monarchy's control. The Sectors do not have names, they are simply known by their number and the name of the Throne that controls them (for example: Sector 2 Light, Sector 3 Darkness etc.) except the Sector that is under the Monarchy's control. That is known as Sector Prime.

The Aother is highly developed, despite it lacking the human race. It has very advanced technology, but most do not take advantage of it. Only the Aolis (the race closest to the humans) and the government takes advantage of the ease it brings.

The Aother doesn't have a currency system. Instead necessary items are given out willingly for free and less needed items are earned by either making necessary items or by doing work. Like this the citizens of the Aother feel more relaxed and form closer bonds with each other.


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