Main Purpose

The main purpose of the Arcanus is to serve as backup to the day and night armies, the Pyro and the Umbra. Large sections of the base are used for storage and many of the soldiers switch schedules for the purpose of working at different times. Most Arcanus soldiers do not have any problem moving around and devote their time to staying on call for the other armies and often act as spare guards when needed. They also do missions and act as the green berets of the Western army. Other groups of soldiers contribute to the cause of building Moxidius back up. They serve ultimately under Sargent Major Queen Noemi Li Roux. They are a large part of the Moxidian military.


The specialties of the Arcanus army vary from flexibility to numbers. It is unknown how many people are Arcanus soldiers, since many go undercover or do not reveal their positions. They are the ninjas and plainclothes cops of the police force and military, taking part in exhilarating training to be able to fight in all conditions. There are different ranks within the army, and certain teams and groups play different roles. The Arcanus night soldiers have impeccable stealth and strength, the day soldiers can locate criminals and law-breakers in the blink of an eye, and during a battle the Arcanus soldiers are always one step ahead of the enemy and always come prepared. Many soldiers work at any time of day or night and are very flexible. If duty calls, they will follow suit and be discrete and quiet if told to. Known for making plenty of saves and contributing to many captures of Loyalists, as well as packing a powerful backup force, the Arcanus soldiers are well respected among those who can see them.


The Arcanus army was formed by Noemi Li Roux during the War. It was the third undercover army from Moxidius and recruited any citizens and crews who wanted to help protect Moxidius. Towards the end, the Arcanus became a sort of unofficial police force and helped reform many former experiments. The numbers grew as people switched sides during the War and towards the end many former experiments, victims, and citizens joined the rebellion and ultimately played a huge roll in the downfall of Lotus. The secret Arcanus base also housed people in shelters in their times of need during the war. Many citizens found shelter with the army after chemical bombings and experiment attacks.

Uniform & Requirements

The uniforms for the Arcanus army vary, but mostly stick to red and black. In order to join officially, soldiers must go through boot camp and be willing to fight at any given time. Also, basic ninja training is required and all tactical soldiers must be able to camouflage themselves. Soldiers also must be physically fit to fight and cannot have strikes on their record from breaking dimensional laws. To find out more, go to the army's website in DD.

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