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The Capitol is a very busy place, much like the Reality city of New York and is, in theory, the capitol city of Moxidius. A lot of important and wealthy people, as well as poor and struggling citizens live here. The Capitol is divided into 16 Districts, which are each named after a gem.


Garnet is one of the poorer and more low-class districts. The military and police have high activity in most places here and the district is currently going through major restoration. New buildings are being put up and the crime rate has experienced a significant drop. However, it is still a dangerous place and people should be careful when visiting. Going out at night is not advised.


This District has a very high Shifter and Mage population, therefore it is an ideal place for liars and scammers. Nothing is ever as it seems here, and most people stay on high alert. This place also has high crime activity, but the crimes tend to be less violent and more stealing based.


The District of Water Elementals, mermaids and other sea creatures. This area is actually built on a pier over the Lake of Tears. The District is very serene and crime is low, not to mention the view is very nice. One of the nicer districts in the Capitol and has gone under restoration efforts after the war.


The richest district. Home to most sponsors. Untouched by the war, few experiments reside here and it is mostly made up of large estates and lavish places for the very rich to visit. However, none of Moxidius's world leaders actually live here.


The Emerald District is abandoned due to the near-extinction of Western Earth Elementals. Occasionally you will find the homeless taking up residence in an abandoned house, but no one really stays here for long. This District is seen more as a giant memorial to all those that died, and most people usually only visit. It is very quiet and most people who pass through do not talk much out of respect for the dead.


District of government activity. Home to most officials. Many courthouses are here as well as many government offices. A lot of voting takes place here as well as registration. It's mostly were a lot of cooperate matters are dealt with, as well as business.


The home of most criminals. Alexandrite holds the most prisons, as well as most of the maximum security ones. It is patrolled regularly by guards and no visitors are allowed in unless they have permission to see a prisoner. Before this, one must go through a strict background check. Most people who go in are police officers or military workers, criminals do not usually come out since most of the prisons incarcerate inmates for serious and very violent crimes.


District of fire elementals. It's summer there all throughout the year. Mostly used as a vacation spot by most and the beaches are the most popular spot for many people visiting. A lot of tropical foods grow here and there is a decent farming popular in addition to all the hotels and beach houses.


District of shifters, where nothing is as it seems. Many people avoid this district if they are not shifters and even the police and military presence here is made up of shifters as well, to balance things out. More of a closed off community of shifters than anything.


District of secrets. Nobody knows what it contains. Only the most talented go in, and they never come out. Much mystery surrounds the sapphire district, only the government and the people go in really know what happens...


The district of training, this is where they train dream guides, officials and protectors. Since there are not many crews being made anymore, Tourmaline is used for a lot of schools. People go here for education or military school to become soldiers. Tourmaline has the most schools and universities in the Capitol.


Opal used to be a district of escape where Lotus's experiments would reside after leaving or escaping from her. However, much restoration efforts have been made and it has been modernized and greatly changed. The experiment population is rather high in this district and has become a strong experiment community. Some practice a strange religion glorifying Noemi and her past life Olivera for killing Lotus. Many who claim to practice it say they knew Noemi would come back and kill Lotus. Others simply gave up the idea and adjusted to the modern world.


The District of the Unconscious. It isn't a particularly interesting place, but it's a nice change from all the elaborateness of the Dream Dimension. This area resembles a simple Reality town, where crime tends to be moderate. The highest Unconscious population in Moxidius is here. It is heavily guarded so Conscious do not go in and disturb things. Many new Conscious leave Topaz and wake up in other places from here, but most of Topaz contains Unconscious that most likely won't wake up. They are undisturbed to the rest of the dream dimension.


The area of the air elementals. It is a cloud city and only air elementals or people who can fly can really get up to it. The center of weather observation and a large air elemental community. Most people in Citrine are used to life in the clouds and it is undisturbed to ground life.


The district were Break-Outs go. Highly guarded and not as many people go here since the war is over. Military and law-enforcement presence is strong here so the wrong people don't slip into other dimensions. Since breaking out is highly dangerous, it is strongly unadvised.


A district left over from how the dimension was before the war. It went through a restoration process and is mainly a symbol of the old history of Moxidius. Mostly full of historical sites and museums. It was mostly untouched by the war and it is rumored that Lotus took a liking to the Turquoise district and left it alone.


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