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The City is where The Unknowns and The Dreyms are from. It's located near Energy City in Moxidius.

Basic Layout

As far as DD cities go this one is in the best shape. But it gets attacked frequently. Apparently the City is loosely based off of Dreyus Rendeev' and Sibrel's hometown...or maybe it's the other way around. The City is fairly large and lies to the north of The Capitol and west of Energy City.

The City contains The Library where Alicia works, The Cafe, Dreyus' house, Sibrel's treehouse, the School of Here and There, and an airport.


The city was an important location in the early stages of the war, and was still important during the later stages as well. It's in close proximity to Energy City, and therefore many of the perils the City faced were also faced by Energy City, but, the City was hit less hard by Lotus. Mostly Peony and Azilla, as well as the Gaiaphage, roamed and wreaked havoc here. Once Lotus was defeated they stopped coming around. Now the City is extremely tame and safer and is still the home of many of the Dreyms and Unknowns.


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