The purpose behind the Confederation of Light (COL) is to provide order and law tailored specifically to the Light Eternals of the Aother. It also helps relieve the duties of the Monarchy since the Aother's large size makes it very difficult for one monarch to rule alone.

Basic Workings

The COL has a base set up in every city in the Aother, regardless its size. The main police unit of that particular area calls in crimes and if they involve any Light Eternals the COL instantaneously takes over the case. They then work with the other Confederations involved as well as the main police force to then bring justice to the guilty and peace of mind to the victim. And justice meaning imprisonment and/or the payment of large fines in addition to work and service. The COL is the only Confederation that refuses to carry out executions.


The COL is a government establishment tied to the Aothereal Light Throne. And, unlike most Confederations, they receive orders directly from the Crown.

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