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The Darkness Kingdom

The Darkness Kingdom is one of the elemental kingdoms in Satus Beta. It is the home of all shadows and lunar beings. The kingdom is in a separate world that can be accessed from Energy City, Moxidius through a public portal or through a portal made by one of the royal family. The kingdom is always bathed in an eternal night and there is no sun. There are various moons in the Darkness Kingdom though, and they cast lunar light upon the kingdom below in addition to the septillions of colored stars. The night sky itself takes on various splotches of navy, blue, green, black, purple, pink, magenta, lavender, teal, silver, grey, and sometimes has splotches of sepia and gold. The Darkness sky is one of the most magnificent in Satus Beta and many come just to gaze at it. Comets fly by on certain days, the moons change colors at different times or seasons, and the constellations are the most impressive out of any sky in Satus Beta.

The Darkness Kingdom is home to all shadows, night beings, lunar creatures and plants, shadow elementals, many spirits, unusual creatures that cannot go into the light, and of course many witches and wizards. The black magic capitol of Satus Beta, the Darkness Kingdom is home to many voodoo priests and magic-users. Hooked up with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it is one of the most booming magical realms in DD. Witches and wizards are common; as well as astronomers, medicine-makers who use the unusual plants and magical assistance for cures, as well as many people who choose to live the nocturnal way. It has many thick forests and mountains, as well as many enchanted caverns, lakes, and various other geological miracles and mysteries.

Government and Law

The Darkness Kingdom is a monarchy and has been for centuries. The people do not object to the current

family ruling since Queen Noemi, King Kuro, and Princess Nao saved the kingdom from ruin and anarchy. (They are known for their famous witch and wizard names as well: Noemi the Noxious, Kuro the Known, and Nao is known as Lillian the Lawful or Nao the Lawful). There are also elected officials that work with the royal family and the Darkness Kingdom also has an alliance with the Aother. Many laws are the same for other places, but there are a few unique ones. The Lightning Bug Law for instance, deals with the forms of natural light that people may use in their homes or buildings. Man-made light is not common in Darkness, and instead certain glowing creatures and stones are used. Lightning bugs are the most common and serve people by flying in through special little tiny

windows in homes to go into glass lanterns that light houses. People must put food for the lightning bugs there and must not harm them. People may use a lightning bug whistle to call the bugs if they need light and since there are so many, they will appear in seconds. Glowstones are also used to make light and come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and brightness. They can be used instead of lightbulbs. The Lightning Bug Law also states that man-made lights must not be used outside and if they are used inside, houses must close their curtains while the light bulbs are on in case light-sensitive creatures pass by. There also various laws and restrictions on magic in the Darkness Kingdom as well.

Additional Information

The Darkness Kingdom was run by Lotus for many years, but is rebuilding and does not follow/support/agree with/practice any of her ways. Any misconceptions about the Darkness Kingdom being Loyalists are wrong. They are an elemental kingdom loyal to Satus Beta like all the others and are not involved in any Loyalist actions.

Also, the Darkness Kingdom does not go by terms like "morning" and "afternoon" to describe time of day. The list of terms in Darkness go like this so do not be confused if you visit there and do not know what time it is:

Earlysky Very Early Morning
Starbreak Dawn
Early Darkness/Early Dark Morning
Noonshadow Afternoon
Duelsky Twilight/Early night
Moondusk Evening
Late Darkness/Nighttime Night
Highshadow Midnight


  1. The Darkness Kingdom is home to many light-sensitive creatures and beings who cannot be exposed to man-made light or sunlight. These creatures cannot leave the Darkness Kingdom as they risk death or serious injury in doing so.
  2. The Darkness Kingdom also has areas within it containing poisons and searing acids-either in the air, soil, or water. These areas have warning signs outside of them and they are unsafe for Darkness-goers or non-Darkness goers who cannot withstand poisons or acids. People very sensitive to either of these should consult doctors before visiting.
  3. Magic is very common in the Darkness Kingdom and to non-magic users and people who do not recognize it should be aware of this. Darkness has it's own type of magic in addition to many others within.
  4. Anyone caught deliberately harming the lightning bugs and/or other Darkness creatures, attempting to bring Darkness creatures out of the kingdom, purposely bringing man-made light in, harming Darkness-goers themselves, tampering with magic/enchantments/voodoo and any sort of Darkness supernatural power in any way will be fined. Offenders may also be tried in court and may be taken to jail depending on the severity of the offense.



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