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I fixed up the stories a lot and made the details more true/more detailed based on my childhood and what I remember. It's not perfect, but it's less vague now.


Lotus back then was Meridan and she was travelling through the cities along the coast. She realized she was deeply in need of an heir to her shadow throne and the idea of her race dying out frightened her. So she  married a man by a name unknown and got pregnant.


She had a little girl named Reyn. But Reyn wasn't what she wanted. She was a fire elemental with low-level light powers and Lotus needed a dark elemental. Reyn did not have natural shadow powers and she was far too fiery and light to be a proper heir. Lotus tried to drown her but her younger sister, Maia, stopped her and took the girl from Lotus. Maia brought Reyn to her palace and Lotus soon forgot about her first daughter.

Lotus had gotten pregnant again with a second daughter a year after Reyn. This girl was named Olivera. She would have been perfect if she hadn't looked so much like her father with her naturally red hair. Lotus had a deeper bond with the girl, but couldn't get over the fact that she wasn't born exactly how she wanted. Even after permanently dying her hair a dark indigo color, Lotus could not be satisfied with her artificial beauty. Not only this, but Olivera was breaking away from her mind-control. Lotus tried to toss her off a cliff, disgusted by the child. Thankfully, Maia flew in and rescued Olivera when Lotus's back was turned.

Lotus had given birth to two more daughters a year after Olivera was born. The first girl was made in Lotus's main lab against the will of her second husband, Lione Roar. She was not given a name, since as soon as Lotus saw her blonde hair, she stormed up to a snowy mountain way up in the northern West and left her there. The girl later grew up to become Neith, one of Noemi's sisters. She had been rescued by a mountain tribe who were reserved and untouched by the war. They found the girl and raised her as their own until she was found again by Noemi years later. The next girl was called Akane, but she was too loud and she could never be a proper shadow queen. Her voice was too high pitched and she had more of the appearance of an angel than any of the girls. This angered Lotus, seeing Akane almost as she did her own sister whom she loathed growing up. So Lotus tried to suffocate her. But this time, instead of Maia, the girl's father who was visiting from a trip at sea stopped Lotus and 'killed' her. He did not know the tyrant was immortal, so Lotus played dead and let her third daughter be taken. The father left the girl with Maia as well, and sailed off once again. But Lotus just changed her name again to Aylen and continued her search for the perfect heir.

She married a new man by the name of  Izzamer, whom she found to be quite powerful living with his native tribe in what is now northeastern Moxidius. she kept the man chained to a wall in her room and didn't much think of him as a husband since she had not known him long. This time when she got pregnant, she had a girl named Lillian, but she was not born in the image Lotus wanted. Instead of murdering her, Lotus tried to fix her, the idea of natural perfection lost to her. She cast an aging spell to make the girl grow older. She then poisoned Lillian and killed her, then brought her back over and over again. She tore the girl apart, then re-sewed her brand new so she looked more like what Lotus wanted (this is why some people would say Lotus and the Beldam are the same person, but it was a common misconception of the people outside of the Outskirts or the NES.) The end result was a snow-white skinned girl with large, jet black eyes which would also turn jade green in the light, and limp tar colored hair much like Lotus's. She was stretched far too tall, and was stick thin, with poorly sewn angel wings attached to her back in a mock image of a deformed angel. Scars criss-crossed her body like morbid decoration.

Once Maia heard of the poor girl’s fate she went to Lotus and made her impregnable, hoping to prevent another monstrosity. Then Maia tried to convince Lillian to come with her to her palace to be with her other three half-sisters. But strangely enough, Lillian wanted to stay with Lotus. She had grown addicted to the abusiveness of her mother and was under better mind control than any of the other sisters were. Maia tried to kill her, but Lotus resurrected Lillian again after her death and kept it secret. (Lillian's full story is written here)

After Lotus's death, a Loyalist man by the name of Camo Cala who had been Lotus's fourth husband and secret lover the entire time made a girl named Lilith whom he envisioned to be the new Lotus. He used aging spells and many of the same methods Lotus used on Lillian and raised her to be in her mother's image. The two were eventually caught and are currently in rehabilitation and government care, per request of Noemi.

Currently, many of the daughters have new names and have since found each other again and made up. They also have a brother named Kuro and two half siblings named Nagisa and Nobu.

Kuro's story can be found here.

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