The Dream Dimension is a place everyone has been to. But, only few people actually have control over this mysterious realm. They are known as Conscious.

There are three different kinds of conscious: curves, telepaths, and breakouts. Curves are conscious who have the ability to travel through different dimensions extremely easily. They are the most common type. Telepaths are mind readers, in a way, and because of their abilities they have free range over the Dimension. Break-outs are extremely rare. They are people who were once born and raised in the Dream Dimension but then figured out a way to travel into the Mundane Realm. (To read more about the Conscious types go here.)

But what about those people who can’t control their dreams? The ones who seem to be programmed, unable to respond how they want to respond? They are known as unconscious. Most of the population is this. Usually, they stay away from the Conscious and just mill around in the background.

Currently the dimension is recovering from anarchy. Though many parts have been salvaged and are being rebuilt, there are still quite a few places that are in disarray. There are, as of now, three Moxidian leaders, Noemi Li Roux, Foxglove Verendix, and Dreyus Rendeev, who are spear-heading these clean up efforts. The Mox is sort of like the America of the Dream Dimension, rising up out of the ashes of war to foster a melting pot country where people of all races and species are appreciated. But, the Mox is not the only country. There is also the Southern Republic and The NES, neighbors to the Mox. Across the ocean is the East where there are countries like Lindesia and The Fae Republic. All of these countries are attempting to come together and aid each other recover from the war and move forward.

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A map of DD

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