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We are the Conscious
We are the conscious.

You're not crazy to us,

You're not a monster,

You're one of us.

Someone who got caught up in this Dream Dimension.

-Noemi Li Roux

Staff Contacts

Aaron (Most Helpful and Active)

Mavis (On Hiatus)

Eros (Fastest Replyer)


Noemi(Fastest Replyer and Most Helpful)

Dreyus (Founder, Mostly Inactive)

Chat Mods

Fox(Mostly Inactive)

Jamie (Fastest Replyer)

Juni (Fast Replyer)

Help Needed!
Please help us expand our wiki! We are in need of country and history pages primarily, but culture and people pages are also highly appreciated! Please introduce yourself in chat. Leave a message on a Staff member's wall if you need help! We hope you enjoy your stay on the wiki!
Blinding yourself by nagisafelicia-d8v6t6l

Don't Stress
Usually I give way too many fucks and it makes me upset,

But you know what?

Sometimes those fucks don't need to be given,

Sometimes you can direct the fucks you give into things that matter,

Like baking chocolate chunk cookies

-Noemi Li Roux


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