The Dreyms
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The Members (39)

Dreyus Rendeev - The controlled leader, Ash's cousin, Zeke's girlfriend, all three types, channeler, knows multiple people in reality

Ash - Dreyus' dreamguide, Peony's older brother, also Dreamboy's brother in dd only, Collin's boyfriend, not serious at all

Zeke - The boy with a gun, Collin's brother, British, Douglas' cousin, Dreyus' boyfriend, Drake's rival

Fallen - The no-nonsense straight to the point Fallen Angel, Kevin and Romeo's sister, Zyla's girlfriend, swordswoman

Zyla - A pianist and night fighter, Fallen's girlfriend, semi-goth, Japanese, reliable

Collin - Zeke's autistic brother, Ash's boyfriend, Night Fighter, very honest, funny, Cinnamon's closest friend

Malphas- A demon, Andrea's boyfriend, Allev's twin, he's the badass player one

Allev - Mal's twin who's attached to his soul, he's the sweet one

Drake Merwin - A crazy gunwielding reform school student with an eye for Dreyus, Cinnamon's adoptive dad, Zeke's rival, Ghetto

Cinnamon- An innocent little 8 year old, Drake's adopted son, Collin's closest friend, obsessed with icecream

Ajijohn - A shapeshifter, Shape Shifter Guy's brother, tries to be sexy, mysterious

Emmenia - A loud outgoing earth elemental, Zeke and Collin's neighbor, daughter of the earth, an orphan

Calix - An eccentric mage (or so he says), Anthousa's boyfriend???, seems to know a lot

Iris- Slightly annoying mermaid, can also channel water, very demanding, jealous of Dreyus

Anthousa - Calix's steampunk robot, very serious, doesn't like being touched, obviously feels something for Calix

Doe - He has no eyes and a stitch mouth, an experiment of sorts, looks scary but is actually a big softie...unless you touch his prized motorcycle, is Douglas' brother

Douglas - Doe's brother, also has no eyes, used to be a villain but changed his ways, zeke and collin's cousin in reality, says "love" and "dear" a lot like a true British pervert

Amarie - Ash's sister who was first believed to be dead

Astrella - AKA Stella, a star mage

Alissa - Is usually clueless and doesn't pay attention, can see spirits

Russe - unphased and serious girl

Papricca - timid and kind girl who likes cinnamon AKA Ricca

Ryule - Ex-convict, deranged sadistic killer who is dating Aaron

Dallas Merwin - Drake's equally ghetto brother who's been locked in prison and isn't used to DD's gruesomeness

Juzou Suzuya - Extremely strange boy from Tokyo Ghoul

Asahina - Sweet and caring and likes swimming

Sakura - Quiet, strong, and loyal

Ishimaru - Rule freak hall monitor who is close to Owada

Fukawa/Genocider - Freaky mass murderer

Togami Byakuya - Calm controlled smart ass

Au - sensitive and caring boy, Ash's and Collin's son

Quill - inumimi girl, Ash's and Collin's daughter

Emma - Human girl who Romeo dragged into this mess

Notrine - Mal's younger brother

Arc - Mal's older brother

Allister - Em's servant until the end of time.

Sparrow - Zennith's 6 year old daughter that he didn't even know he had


The Dreyms are one of two crews that exist in the City. [Sibrel's crew is the other one] They are one of the largest and have the most varied people.

Inside Jokes

Doe and his motorcycle

Mr. Shirmin

Calamari arm

Tea Time

Em likes your eyes

We are going to plummet to our deaths. (thats a really old one)


You're worse than Zennith


Cinnamon Sugar Book

Shirtless Selfie Sundays

I'm a ninja knight thing!

Can I eat them?


Then William will get jumped in the dark and the zebras will end up being at the front


Oh Draaaake


When is it getting back?

"You down with murder, dawg???"

I am a vampire demon!

Iris is your mommy.

"I-I'm peeing."

We called him an ambuLana

We're like thisssssss

Livin like Mal

Sadao isn't listening to music...I'm scared...


Smack upside the ass


You have pretty eye...holes....

Mr Frosty

Those martinis man

That's so bae

That's totes amaze

*slams down stack of uno cards* I'M DONE

This is how we stack in Russia

I don't need points, points need me!


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