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Despite having the word republic in its name, the country is actually ruled under a monarchy that switches from the Illurium bloodline to the Florium bloodline every 200 years. The Republic is currently in the hands of the Illurium bloodline, with Zaelia the Humble and Saelus the Sympathetic as Queen and King, respectively. Their son Bancock is the first in line for the throne, with his sister Aeverix being the only other possible heir.

Royalty also tend to take on titles which are usually awarded to them by the people. These titles can be both positive and negative and are a helpful way to remember which monarch did what. For example, a very famous monarch, and a widely celebrated one, was known as Villirum the Holy. He was famous for his preachings about the Fae concept of Heaven known as Anaeta.

You may also be wondering why there are two royal bloodlines and why they constantly switch power instead of uniting under a new bloodline. The Illurium bloodline is said to be purest Fae bloodline and all members are direct descendants from the first Fae ever known to the dimension. So naturally, these Fae would be considered ‘royal’. But, another faerie known as Villirum was such a good preacher as well as leader the people decided to have him made king. Villirum was from the Florium bloodline, which until that point in time hadn’t been all that prominent among society. Now, obviously, the Illurium were upset about having their throne taken from them and didn’t feel it was right for the Florium bloodline to take over. Villirum, being a man of peace, decided to make a compromise, saying that approximately every 200 years the current bloodline would switch over power to the other, as to keep things fair. Throughout history multiple propositions have been made to unite the bloodlines, but Fae culture is very big on individuality and usually the offers are politely declined.


The Fae culture is by far one of the most peaceful in the entire Dream Dimension. Most Fae strongly put faith in the concept of peace and compromise, and violence is heavily frowned upon. Many Fae are excellent mediators and are sympathetic and understanding. Many are also heavily religious and hold tightly to the concept of Anaeta, which they believe is a Heaven specially made for the Fae.

Racial culture in the Fae Republic is staggeringly Faerie only. A small percentage of the population is of Angel descent. Many other races don’t seek housing within the Republic, firstly because it is quite small when compared to other countries, and secondly because many parts of the landscape can be difficult to navigate without wings or magick.

As far as pop-culture goes the Republic’s is similar to that of the American 60’s, where casual and bright styles prevail and indie pop as well as instrumental is the main music genres. Minimalism is widely embraced, and many houses aren’t elaborate, but are still charming and cosy. Television and the movie industry aren’t very popular, though a few emotional dramas and light hearted comedies are popular.


The geography of the Republic is extremely varied and breath taking. The northern-most parts of the country are extremely steep and are composed mostly of cliffs. Flight or sky trolleys are used to navigate from cliff face to cliff face. Homes and businesses are carved into the cliffs.

The western region is mostly swamp and jungle, with three large lakes taking up a large percentage of the area. The three lakes are known as the Pisces, Aquarius, and Capricorn being the largest. Many nymphs (wingless water faeries) inhabit these areas. The buildings in this region are small and very modest, easily blending with nature. Some buildings are built within the trees, or are composed of enchanted trees. A few structures are even partially submerged in swamps.

The central region is mostly composed of grassy plains and is much more urban than the rest of the country. This is where the business capitol of the Republic is located, and is the location to the only airport in the entire country.

The eastern area and southern area are both comprised of hilly forests. These forests all surround the Imperial Castle where the Illurium and Florium bloodlines reside. Also, throughout these forests small villages are hidden away.

Overall the Fae Republic is very rural and lacks many urban structures such as skyscrapers. Due to it being rural there are also only a handful of large cities. The business capitol of the Republic, which is located almost smack in the middle of the country, is called Ursalia, and the royal capitol, which is located far south, is called Lurius. A popular tourist destination up north is Emrise, which is a tamer mountain town filled with a few fun activities. And two western cities that are popular for trading are Kolos and Renna City.

The War

Because the Fae don’t have any sort of military or fighting force, the war affected them terribly. Being as they are creatures of peace, they attempted to negotiate their way out of war, but Lotus wasn’t interested in their somewhat terrible negotiations and went forth with her eastern conquest. Even when destruction was looming over these people they refused to take up arms and paid dearly for it.

Thousands died and hundreds of acres of land were destroyed. The royal bloodlines went into hiding and the entire country decided to simply wait out the war. The current king of the time, Feran the Stubborn, refused to surrender to Lotus, yet refused to fight her. This left the country vulnerable to attacks and anguished over their losses.

Feran was later assassinated by an undercover spy, bringing the current queen Zaelia to power. She then decided it would be best if the country allied itself with its neighbour, Lindesia, and begged for protection and supplies. In return the Republic would pay back its debt at a later date. Lindesia agreed, and for roughly seven years the Fae Republic became an extension of Lindesia and was having all of its profits sent directly to its government.

Currently most of the land has recovered, but there are still a few places that are marred by war and it isn’t uncommon to come across a shrine for the fallen. Even in some northern areas there are a few experiments, though they are able to live fairly normal lives.


Magic is used very often in the daily lives of the Fae, but the kind of magic they use is very old and primitive, thus it’s referred to as magick, which is the old spelling of the word.

Faerie magick is very closely tied with nature. Many Fae are able to alter nature in any way they see fit, which helps when they’re trying to make a home in a dense jungle, or on a steep mountain. They have abilities similar to those of elementals, meaning they can channel water and move earth with ease. But, unlike elementals, Fae aren’t limited to only two or three elements, and they don’t have the sort of sensitivities that certain elementals have.

They also are very close with animals, and all types of creatures are attracted to them. So it isn’t uncommon to see a Fae with a perfectly tame pet lion. In fact, many times faeries will feed and care for any animals surrounding their home. Fae are also good healers, and many doctors in the Republic are simply Fae skilled in healing.

When compared to other types of magic, though, faerie magick is quite weak. Fae aren’t able to really master a particular type of field and their magick isn’t very suitable for offense if need should arise. And even though Fae can use their magick for longer periods of time than most other magic users, their magick isn’t nearly as strong or effective. For example, an earth elemental could cause an earthquake just by stomping their foot, meanwhile a Fae would need to store up a lot of magick to do something like that.



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