The Crew

Kyukyoku - The somewhat bubbly leader who values originality

Merrit - Tough dream guide who barely gives anything away about herself

Xael - super duper shy protector who's constantly stuttering and apologizing

Emu - Eccentric boy who is convinced he's the prince of a long lost civilization

Abby - Extremely wealthy pop star who's also the sponsor of the crew

Rozlind - Wild wolf boy who was accidentally mistaken for a girl (thus the feminine name)

Limmerik - Slightly insane knife wielder who has his eye on Kyukyoku

Clove - Rogue shadow who claims he "doesn't conform to the will of a crown" he comes and goes

Meribeth - experiment girl who has an unknown array of powers

Keap - A thief as well as a liar who can escape any situation

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