Creation and How to Use it


The dream dimension is a wonderful, terrifying, exotic,and exciting place all at the same time. Creative people come to a world of fantasy in their dreams or through their minds and essentially think of the alternate dimension as their second home. As Conscious, we are invested with the power to manipulate the dimension and things within it using our minds and our own originality. We are the Conscious, we are the creative minds that link to the dimension to make it flourish with our fantasies and ideas. From famous manga artists to bestselling authors to simple self-made writers to average teen-poets, the dimension houses the largest amount of creative beings in the universe. The dimension can make your dreams come true, or it can become a living nightmare. One thing is for sure though; you cannot abuse the power of the dimension and make it your own personal Utopia in which you and the people who surround you are perfect in the way you want them to be. The dimension has laws of its own, ways to prevent those within it from spoiling it’s splendor and flare with their own greed. The dream dimension is a place for many people; so everyone must be considerate and remember that it’s a place to share, even if we are given a great deal of power upon entering.

What is Creation?

Creation in DD revolves around three main manipulative things in DD: The Conscious as an individual, the people around them, and the dimension itself. The Conscious can manipulate their own image, but most Conscious look the way they truly see themselves inside but displayed on the outside. ie. If one sees them self with say, naturally green hair, in DD they will have that hair color. The people around a Conscious can only be changed mentally if they were "created" by that Conscious. ie. A created DD Conscious can be a book character, a cartoon or anime character, a movie character, OC, etc. But they cannot be too over-powered or consequences will be dealt by the dimension onto the creator and the new Conscious. Lastly, Conscious can change things in DD; whether it be with magic, alchemy, or just simply thinking up something new. ie. A new species of plant or animal or a magic-user changing an apple in the dimension into an orange with a spell. Though the dimension can have many unique possibilities, "creativity" doesn't necessarily mean that you can create or do whatever you want in the dream dimension.

The Threat of Imagination and the Law of Creativity

The Threat of Imagination is something that has plagued the dimension since Conscious first awoke in it, and the dimension has of course adjusted with a way to deal with the problem. The Law of Creativity is a law the dimension has ultimately formed for itself. If a Conscious brings an overpowered being into DD or becomes one individually, the dimension simply erases them. Small actions taken against this law result in fading from being a Conscious, and if the Conscious continues to defy the Law of Creativity, they will be erased from DD in time. A bigger deviation of the law, however, will result in a faster termination; it all depends on the size of the deviation.

Defying the Law of Creation and being abolished from the dream dimension can result in a few different situations. Once the individual is Unconscious again, they might still believe they are in DD, but they are actually just in a state of mental fantasy in which they think they’re still Conscious but have no connection to the dream dimension anymore and are ultimately Unconscious. Other times, the Conscious becomes a regular Unconscious and looses all memory of DD. It is unknown if the dimension will allow them to re-enter, since a Conscious who returns to DD will probably have forgotten their old memories or lost interest after trying too hard to get back in.

Fading & Loosing Creative Ability Due to defying the Creativity Law

A Conscious most likely won't be terminated instantly when they make a mistake, but with every deviation to the law, part of their power that effects DD will decrease and they will begin to fade from the dimension. Though the Conscious may have the illusion that they have the same creative power as before or more, it will simply be an illusion in their mind. It is also known that the council of Heaven itself will kick people out after disrupting things and making too many threats; so it's clear how serious the matter is.

How to Avoid Breaking the Law of Creativity & Advice on How to Create Safely

To avoid breaking the Law of Creativity, take others and the dimension into consideration. Don’t try to force fictional characters in Reality to be related to you, for example; or don’t create an OC who is overpowered. Also, don’t make yourself overpowered either. Have a good balance of powers, weaknesses, flaws, and good traits. Be honest with yourself, and view yourself as you. Don’t interrupt the lives of others just for the sake of living with your favorite fictional character or getting their autograph or picture. Fictional characters from Reality have consent, and all Conscious should remember to take their feelings into consideration. As much as one may want to live within their fantasies, the dream dimension doesn’t revolve around a single person’s wants, but gives everyone the choice to live how they would like to.

This means Reality Conscious and DD-Only Conscious have the same right to choose how they want to live. Real Conscious should always remember that DD Conscious can have their own lives in DD and are not going to heed to the call of every fangirl/fanboy’s dream. Think of how you would feel if you had over a million people who were obsessed with you, who fantasize over you, and who want to be related to you constantly chasing you down on the street with a camera or disrupting your life to beg you to join their crew or group. The dream dimension may be revolved around dreams and fantasy, but even fantasy worlds have their own rules. The dimension’s laws and rules are not meant to oppress one’s creativity, but to keep it in line and keep it logical and possible. Keep in mind, that if you're creating overpowered OCs or getting yourself erased, you could be leaving behind loved ones in DD or creating new DD Conscious who will get a taste of life and possibly be erased with you just because you were greedy with power and good traits. Other dimensions may be different; but DD keeps somewhat of a level of control on its children, the Conscious, and stops them from obsessing and running their lives with striving for over-perfection.

So Just Remember

If you are a Conscious, always keep in mind that your DD life will never be perfect. Also, as much as a lot of DD sounds like writing a fanfiction or creating OCs, it IS existent. It is an opportunity to make your creations come alive and be one with them, so it's definitely serious and everyone who's given the advantage should not abuse their power; but rather relish in the glory of DD and tread cautiously. The Law of Creativity mostly centers on Real Conscious, so, Real Conscious, be wary of everyone else in DD and know that neither life you have will be perfect. Trying to make your life that way can only result in more disappointment. Instead, relish in the power you’ve been given and create to your heart’s content- just within limitation. The Dream Dimension is a privilege and a chore at the same time, but one can only do their best to enjoy it.  The Law of Creativity has many layers, but the most important part about it is to be original with limitations, nobody likes an overpowered snob. DD doesn’t have many rules, but the ones that it does are highly important. When it comes down to it, the Law of Creativity is like the unspoken law of creating an OC character in Reality: Have standards, set weaknesses to balance out good traits, use your imagination, and you’ll most likely be happier and more respected in the creative community.

Note: This is information that has been observed and the Law of Creativity, as well as the Threat of Imagination, are things that have been developed through analysis of DD and Reality. Both are well-developed and proven true by extensive research and observation.

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