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This is a magical library containing all of the Dream Dimension's history and novels. The librarian is named Alicia. She has been the head librarian for roughly twenty years, and the position is passed down in her family. Currently it is unknown who she will give the position to when she retires since she has no younger family or apprentices.

The Library is located in the elusive School of Here and Then that only a select few can find. The Library itself is protected by magical charms and barriers. Therefore, if you are deemed untrustworthy the Library either will blend into the wall or you will be physically unable to walk inside.

Within the Library is an impressive collection of both still and animated books. Animated books have minds of their own. They can communicate with the reader, choose whether or not they want to display information and even fly. The Library also features ancient encyclopedias and quickie books (novels that are always updating). The Library is giant, with thousands of shelves and millions of books. It is so large in fact, that not even Alicia has been able to fully explore it. Someone could easily get lost in the twisting maze of books.


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