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The North is run by a democratic monarchy, if that makes any sense. Leadership is passed from parent to child like a monarchy but the public votes on things such as laws. Currently there is a king and a queen, King Ericson ‘Eric’ and Queen Andana ‘Ana’.


The North is sort of old fashioned when it comes to trends. Some parts of the country look like they’re still stuck in the Victorian era, while others resemble the 40s and 50s. Mostly this is because clothing from these times were much less revealing, so people can easily hide their experiment numbers and scars. Technology wise the North may have some of the best there is. Due to many citizens being cyborgs or having been given higher mental capacities research goes by much easier.


The NES has a geography similar to Canada. It never gets much warmer than 70 degrees and snows often. There are quite a lot of mountains and valleys. The country is split into four states, Clio, Euterpe, Erato and Ourania.The capitol is located in the far east near the coast and is called Diadem and is in the state Ourania. Other important cities are Taurus (Clio), Genova (Euterpe) and Mayen (Erato).

The War

Prior to the war the country was called the Northen Enlightened States because of their philosophical ideas and revolutionary technology. Naturally Lotus targeted them first because she could use their findings to her advantage. After having broken into numerous labs and facilities she was able to get a better understanding of genetics and chemicals. She then began capturing large amounts of the population and experimenting on them. She even released large amounts of chemicals into water supplies just to see how varied the effects would be on the people exposed. She even overthrew the government and made the entire place her personal lab. After two years the population was over 80% experiments. What Lotus didn’t expect was the fact that all these experiments with new found powers would revolt against her and ultimately drive her out of the country. Then after restoring order the NES renamed themselves the Northern Experiment States and swore themselves to seclusion out of fear.


Magic isn’t really all that common in the NES since most experiments have different sorts of powers. But any magic users that do live there use magic responsibly and not many problems occur with it. Most of the magic users were given their magical abilities and they’re usually unconventional like being able to turn invisible.


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