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The Other Mother

The Other Mother regular form

The Other Mother's first form

The Other Mother (otherwise known as the Beldam) is the evil character from the story and movie, "Coraline". Her first name is Beldam. In the dream dimension, she worked with The Gaiaphage. She was mistaken for Lotus by people at times.

Appearance & Personality:

The Other Mother 3rd form 2

The Other Mother's second form

The Other Mother has multiple forms. She always remained with pitch-black hair, black button eyes, and pale skin. The Beldam is also very thin and resembles a very spider-like creature with sharp features and protruding bones. He first form is when she looks like a human despite the button eyes. The fourth and final form is the most dangerous. In this form she is a sort of spider creature made of needles and mostly bone. She takes on a feminine appearance, but it is known by now that she is not a human. There is a lot of speculation on where the Other Mother came from and what she was, but most believe she was human at some point in her
The Other Mother 3rd form

The Other Mother's third form

The Other Mother 4th form

The Other Mother's final and fourth form

She was a sick woman who stole the souls of children. She was defeated on November 2, 2014 by Noemi who used a starshot.

Abilities & Powers:

The Other Mother used her forms to dominate others. She was immortal and she also could turn people inside out and could sew the best in her final form. She had an obsession with eyes and convinced Douglas to rip out both his and Doe's eyes. Not only this, but she tried to lure Coraline into her world to also take her soul. She only survived off of young souls and her powers of persuasion were very strong.


The Other Mother was on the Gaiaphage's crew during the war.

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