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Main Purpose

The Pyro's main purpose is to take care of military and police duties during the day. They help build up Moxidius under the leader Foxglove Verendix, but do most of their work under one of the other world leaders, Sargent Major Queen Noemi Li Roux. The brave fighters march along the streets of Moxidius in the daylight hours capturing criminals and going on a widespread array of missions. The Pyro soldiers got their name for their work in the war with fire, burning down criminal bases and rescuing experiments. They are widely well known for using flamethrowers in battle and taking part in many aerial raids on Lotus, but also do naval work. The Pyro base also housed many during the War, but most non-workers and soldiers have moved into houses and apartments. They are a large part of the Moxidian military.


Specialties of the Pyro army are of course, fire and explosives as well as air force and navy work. They are widely known for their work as police officers and do the majority of the rebuilding of Moxidius. Pyro soldiers have built many new houses, apartments, stores, hosptials, kitchens, and even built their own base in an unknown location. The Pyro fought alongside the Crews in the Final Battle and turned many former experiments and criminals to their side. 


The Pyro army was the second army to form in the Rebellion during the War. They contributed to a large movement towards the end of 2014 of people fighting Lotus and the Loyalists in broad daylight and letting the Umbra army fight at night. The two armies working together overwhelmed many criminal forces. Shots were fired from morning into the night many days as Noemi's forces pulled through and won the war for Moxidius. After the Final Battle, many soldiers chose to stay in the ranks of the army and the Pyro was made official.

Uniform & Requirements

Uniforms for the Pyro vary, but most soldiers wear generic red-orange, yellow, or tan suits. Soldiers must have basic boot camp training, basic ninja training, and other forms of skill to become official members of the army. Soldiers also must be physically fit to fight and cannot have strikes on their record from breaking dimensional laws. To find out more, go to the army's website in DD.

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