Main Purpose

The Rise army's purpose is to give shelter to former experiments who need it and also offers advanced medical care to experiment victims. The Rise also has a large group of fighters and soldiers who deal with special cases and its soldiers also do a lot of rebuilding, scientific work, naval work, and air-force work. They are a large part of the Moxidian military.


The Rise has many specialties. The army revolves around experiment victims and offers shelter, medical care, and support to victims in need. The base houses many victims, but many were built their own homes. They are known for their spectacular scientific work and do a lot of research to develop new weapons and medicines to fit the needs of all different types of individuals in the dimension.


During the War they were known as "The Experiment Army" but the name was changed after the soldiers were freed. Noemi Li Roux brought together many reformed experiments sent by her mother to attack her and all of them quickly turned against Lotus and the Loyalists and joined the Rebellion. In the Final Battle, the victims who could fight packed a punch against the Loyalist army and converted many other experiments over to the side of the rebels. As a tight-knit group, they are tolerant and accepting and welcome any experiments having a hard time outside the Infinity to join them.

Uniform & Requirements

The uniforms vary greatly, but the main color is dark green or black. The list of requirements is far too long to explain on one page and can be accessed on the official website in DD. However; Soldiers also must be physically fit to fight and cannot have strikes on their record from breaking dimensional laws. To find out more, go to the army's website in DD.

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