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Basic Overview

The Seam is between the outskirts and the cities. It’s where Semmirra’s crew is located. There is a very heightened amount of gang violence there, so much so that someone getting knifed barely phases anyone. The streets and buildings are run-down because people with actual money steer clear of the area. There is no government authority so Semmirra’s crew is the closest thing to order.


The Seam is a place filled with crumbling old buildings, pot-hole ridden streets, and gangs. Everyone here is dirt poor, simply because anyone who has actual money refuses to get involved with the area. There is also a heightened amount of violence here, due to so many different races living in the area as well as poverty, and survival. When people find a decent meal they fight their very hardest to make sure that that food is theirs and theirs only.

Some fights are even caused out of pure boredom because the people have nothing else to occupy their time. So violence barely fazes any of the residents, and it is even encouraged among certain people. And of course these fights tend to lead to gambling and betting, which can seriously get out of hand. Since the Seam is between the outskirts and the cities people from both areas sometimes come to watch others duke it out in the streets. Sadly, this is one of the only ways people here get any revenue.

The Law

Semmirra's crew, the Steam, is the only order here. They are the only people brave enough to break up the fights, and they are the only group that is interested in helping others and not just themselves. But, because they are the only group and they are extremely small most crime goes unpunished.



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