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Singulis Kingdom Emblem

This is the emblem for the kingdom. The words say, "audeat individua amplectere origine" which means "dare to be an individual, embrace being original" in Latin. The picture itself somewhat resembles Queen Tenebra's cutiemark. Yes, this picture was made on MS paint. Yes, it is crappy. And yes, this is the best I could do.

The Singulis Kingdom

The Singulis Kingdom is a kingdom made up of unique beings from Equestria and My Little Pony who were rejected from the mainland or who were taken away by Lotus. The kingdom was founded by their leader, Queen Tenebra (Noemi Li Roux). All ponies in the kingdom are different from ordinary ponies in Equestria in some way and are united under the queen after they left or were driven out of their homes. A large portion of ponies moved in during the War and many are experiments that have a hard time fitting in among humanoid beings. The name "singulis" is Latin for "individual". Previously called the Outcast Kingdom, ponies in the Singulis Kingdom are wary of Equestria from not being welcome there. However, being that their leader controls the Element of Individuality, they are tolerant of others and slowly establishing relations with the mainland of ponies. The land they live on is a separate continent from Equestria and can be accessed by portal. The kingdom is also protected by a relic much like the Crystal Empire, called the Eye of Tolerance. It is strengthened by the kingdom and the state of the ponies in it. It is strengthened even more after the birth of a royal baby when a bit of pure crystal is added to the middle ("Eye") of the relic which is a pure dark crystal produced by the first and current queen of the kingdom, Tenebra. The Eye is protected and always heavily guarded, but it cannot be destroyed unless the entire empire falls. It can only be weakened if the ponies of the kingdom are hurt in any way or stop accepting each other. This is unlikely to happen though, especially because the Singulis Kingdom was formed from hybrid magic and ponies who needed a place to fit in.

Government and Law

The Singulis Kingdom is a monarchy like Equestria and lead by Queen Tenebra and her only pony daughter, Princess Caliga. Other high rulers are generals Sizzle Starry and Poison Umbra as well as other ponies on Noemi's crew. The law is identical to Equestria's laws but focuses more on Individuality and Tolerance than Harmony.

Additional Information

The Singulis Kingdom is not well known since it was just founded, but has grown greatly and prospered since it was created after the War in Satus Beta. All sorts of regions exist there, and it is semi-modern. The kingdom was created after a new type of hybrid magic was formed and all of the experiment ponies Lotus had enslaved needed a home where they could fit in. Some areas have high amounts of technological advances and some do not, much like Equestria which has existed for over a thousand years. Pony types include pegasi, unicorns, alicorns, roboponies, merponies, and other half-breeds. All ponies still receive cutie marks like in Equestria and have special talents, but they stray outside the norm of Equestrian ponies. Sub-hybrids were also created when the already intertwined species mixed. However, winged ponies with magic are not to be confused with alicorns. Alicorns are strictly royalty from the powers they possess and their mixed abilities, including large wings and powerful magic. Winged unicorns are the rarest form of Singulis pony and have the appearance of weaker alicorns. Most do not have working wings or functioning horns/magic. Because of their un-usualness, their powers cancel out and most end up relying on their own personal talent. Although there are many powerful and different ponies in the Singulis kingdom, no powers amount to that of the royal family, who's bloodline started through that of already born alicorns with massively overactive powers. A lot of the kingdom is influenced by the other realms, mostly the mainland of Equestria, the Crystal Empire, the Darkness Kingdom and Moxidius.


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