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I felt like adding this one since it goes along with the Lotus stories and explains Nao's past a bit more.


(This is back when Nao was Lillian and an experiment. Since she was Lotus's favorite at the time, she was able to get away with many things, including a secret family. She was the stand-in queen of the Darkness Kingdom since Lotus did not want to do the job herself and Kuro was away hiding in the woods with his foster family. She wasn't as cold-hearted as she seemed at the time and managed to have two children and marry a man in the mountains before Lotus found out and wrecked their lives.)

A long time ago, during the time Olivera (Noemi) was dead and when Akane (Nishi) and Reyn (Natsu) were in the Diamond District with Aunt Maia, Queen Lillian ruled The Darkness Kingdom as Lotus's perfect heir. She had a secret though, she wasn't as cold-hearted as many thought she was. Lillian simply went along with what her mother wanted so she would not be tortured more than she had to be. In her spare time in the castle, Lillian was quite bored. She longed for real company, not just servants who fake smiled so hard at her sometimes the enamel on their teeth cracked and maids who wouldn't meet her gaze. Even their fake happiness was proven wrong when she heard the servants discuss her through the walls in their privacy. Not even the animals would trust the queen from all the beatings they had endured in their lifetimes. Spirit Wolves hid their cubs from her when she walked in the garden, lunar flowers closed when she passed them, even the glowingflies (glowingflies are sort of like fireflies, but are a different species of bug and live in the Darkness Kingdom) refused to cross her path. One day though, Queen Lillian decided to hike along the dangerous Lupis Mountain. Covered in snow and prickertrees (prickertrees are a type of tree native to parts of the Darkness kingdom), the mountain was high up and mostly avoided by Darkness-goers since anyone who went up never returned and people were too starving to even

leave their villages most of the time. The queen figured it might clear her head for a bit and decided it would be a nice way to escape the kingdom for awhile. Her mother agreed, and Lillian started up the mountain alone, unwilling to bring spiteful servants.

Lillian went up the fairer side of that mountain and hiked for six days, enjoying the peaceful nature. The cold bit her fingers, wild icestags (icestags are male ice deer who are creatures who live in the Darkness Kingdom) ran from her, and the wind howled in the caves at night. But still, Lillian loved it. On the night of the sixth day, however, she continued her journey up quite late and slipped on an unseen icy path. She had hit her head and passed out, as well as injured her leg very badly.

When Lillian awoke, she was in a feverish haze. She woke up at the dead of midnight the next day and was freezing cold. She crawled a few feet, yelling for help in the haze, when she heard a roaring howl echo from a few stories above over the wind. Being a wolf were, Lillian understood this to be a male wolf and let out her own pitiful howl in hopes that whoever the wolf was, he would come help her. She lay for awhile, thinking that whoever had howled had recognized her and hightailed away. However, a few minutes later a large, cream-white shape trotted out of the shadows and carefully made it's way over the deadly ice patch. The male wolf, large than average, was none other than the famous White Wolf of Lupis Mountain or the Howling Terror. His real name was Ursarus Lupian (Yoo-sah-russ Loo-pii-ann). Despite his reputation of being a violent wolf, all Ursarus really did was howl at night. He was not a normal wolf though, but a wolf were himself. Descended from the first wolf-weres of the dimension, Ursarus watched over the many wolves of Darkness. His parents had both been killed in pack fights while he was young, so he raised himself by learning the language and ways of humans in secret while also spending his time as a lone alpha. He had made his den on the Lupis Mountain so he would not be disturbed. As much as Ursarus liked being alone, though, he had an eye for the queen. He had seen her saddened face when she walked through the gardens and listened to her talk to herself, even seen her cry at some points. As ugly as she thought she was after what her mother had turned her into, Lillian was beautiful in Ursarus's eyes. When he saw her stranded there that night in the snow, he turned into a human and carried her to his den. Queen Lillian stayed under Ursarus's care, shocked someone would have bothered to save her and taken in by the man's charm. He helped heal her injuries with herbs and answered her questions politely. Lillian for the first time in her life felt the burn of love and fell for the wolf-man instantly. She stayed with him for a week before he showed her a shortcut down the mountain and brought her home. Like a classic love story, he said his goodbye at her balcony window. Lillian did not want him to leave forever though, so she told him to meet her in the garden during the night.

Ursarus began meeting Queen Lillian in secret in the style of Romeo and Juliet. They dated for a long time and eventually decided to get married in the ways of nature. Lillian became pregnant a few months later, she discovered, and told Lotus she would be traveling the kingdom to do a run-though and that she would not be in the castle for awhile. Lotus agreed, of course, and told Lillian to write her reports of the happenings around Darkness. Through the month's Lillian hid her pregnancy from others with Glamour and eventually gave birth early one morning to twin girls. She and Ursarus named them Lusa and Ursalia. Unfortunately, one of the more spiteful servants, Tactis Clage, heard the cries of the newborn werewolf puppies and dutifully sent a letter to Lotus to notify her.

Lotus was absolutely furious and went for her newborn grandchildren first. Though Lillian had received wind of this from the wolves and brought her children to safety. Lusa was brought to a convent of nuns who agreed to take the child and raise her and Ursalia was brought to a small farm far from the main kingdom to be brought up by the Verendix Family under the name Feather. Queen Lillian was severely punished by her mother, and never saw Ursarus again since the night he had visited her after she gave birth. He was later found and murdered by Lotus a few years after the birth of his children when he was visiting Lusa in secret. (He often traveled to visit the girls in secret) Lotus let Lusa live to torture Lillian with the fact that her daughter was alive and that she would never meet her. Lillian lost all of her hope after she was told of Ursarus's death by one of the wolves in the castle garden. Feather grew up with Heather and her family until age 7 when Lotus discovered her location and decided to take her for experimentation, as well as murder Redwood Verendix and his wife. Feather was experimented on heavily and Lotus greatly scarred her mentally before sealing her in a cryogenic freezer in a small lab far from the Infinity, unknown to Lillian who had gone back to obeying her mother's every command and mourning her husband in secret. Lotus then erased Lillian's memory of Feather after freezing her.

Now Lusa and Feather, who goes by Ursalia now, are reunited with their mother after Noemi restored their memories. Lillian now goes by Nao and is dating Franky from the Straw-Hat pirates and she is co-queen of the Darkness Kingdom next to Kuro and under Noemi. The family is slowly patching itself back together, but none will forget the great White Wolf of Lupis Mountain. His mighty howl is said to echo through the night in the Darkness Kingdom, and the ring of his bark will never leave the hearts of his wife and daughters.

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