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Main Purpose

The Umbra's main purpose is to fight during the night. They are completely nocturnal and were the first of Noemi's armies to be formed. The soldiers are mostly citizens and small crews who wanted to change the world during the war and agreed to stand and fight against Lotus. Some of the original Rebellion soldiers from the Umbra fought with mere kitchen knives and pitchforks, others smuggled powerful weapons in to use against Lotus and the Loyalists. Overall, Umbra soldiers are the demise of night criminals but they also do nighttime missions. The army contains a large number of weres who can turn into creatures of the darkness like owls, cats, certain snakes, bats, and other animals. The Umbra does much of the naval work and some aerial fighting and are also known to have many shadow elementals in it's ranks. The Umbra military base also houses many citizens who needed to escape their homes or who didn't have any. There are hospitals and kitchens run by the Umbra as well to aid those in need. The Umbra fight under command of Sargent Major Queen Noemi Li Roux, but they call her "Lady Umbra" out of respect and were the ones who invented the name for her. The Umbra are a large part of the Moxidian military. 


Ultimately, the Umbra army's specialty is night fighting. They are the police officers out after dark, the green berets in the trenches up all night, the graveyard shift guards, and the ones watching over Moxidius while the rest of the country sleeps. During the war, the Umbra soldiers came together under Noemi and built their own secret base. They recruited former experiments, criminals, and loners to their ranks and eventually became a full-fledged militia. Becoming the first official Rebellion of 2014 and played a huge part of ending the war by fighting alongside Crews in the Final Battle.


The Umbra army was formed by the people of Moxidius near the Outskirts who wanted to rebel against Lotus. Eventually, word spread and the army branched out. The Umbra saved countless individuals during the War and are responsible for many efforts to repair the country. After the War, they became an official army and many chose to stay as soldiers. Many people still live in the military base with functioning jobs, but non-soldiers and workers have been built houses.

Uniform & Requirements

The uniform for Umbra soldiers varies, but most soldiers wear dark colors; mainly purple. Requirements to join are basic ninja training, going through boot camp, and all soldiers must be nocturnal and willing to fight during the night only. Soldiers also must be physically fit to fight and cannot have strikes on their record from breaking dimensional laws. To find out more, go to the army's website in DD.

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