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Members (13)

Ari - The pretty clueless leader with some mystery power

Malo - A wolf-like man who only Ari can see

Io - Ari's albinistic childhood friend and second-in-command for now

Passion - Ari's self appointed 'Guide'

Verie - A laid back girl with the ability to step into photos

Honesty - A mute cyborg girl

Pierrot - A very worry-able man who is extremely protective of the group

Mat - Death's son, somewhat serious

Justice - A powerful mage with a weird spin on life

Som - A deaf dream-eating demon

Ningyo - Refers to herself as the lavender doll

Nukke - Refers to herself as the teal doll

Josie - A peculiar half-cat

Snowflake - The Weather Keeper and also somewhat serious

Danae - Curious girl interested in magic

Drake - The profound fire elemental

Chie - A girl with the ability to stretch her limbs

Peter - A boy with the ability to freeze things

Geo - the Anomalies' mechanic

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