The Vholts are the central crew of Spark City and their leader has the same name as the crew, Vholt. The crew is focusing on rebuilding and are trying their best to continue keeping order even though the war is over. They aren't an official military crew, but do just as much as one would. Their numbers have been dwindling though, as old members disband in an attempt to 'start fresh'.


Vholt - The worried yet caring leader

Sapphire - The cool second in command

Yuri - The outgoing frontline fighter

Ava - Vholt's cousin

Kimi - The wise and modest technician

Fini - The genderfluid patroller

Luma - Sapphire's sister with photographic memory

Rouge - The aloof wizard who secretly thinks he's Harry Potter

Myren - Rouge's brother who is his complete opposite

Jack - The timid healer

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